Capello Salon and Spa Finds New Life


After two years of construction, Lisa Martineck and her husband have opened Capello Salon and Spa in downtown Buffalo.

Capello’s has two other locations on Main Street in Williamsville and on Transit Road in East Amherst. The northtowns locations are owned by Joseph Freitas.

“We basically started from scratch." - Lisa Martineck, owner of Capello Salon and Spa

Tear Down to Build Up

Located at 220 Franklin Street, this spa location had initially been an old cash register factory and at one point a nunnery. When Lisa and her husband finally purchased the property, it had been vacant for six years.

“We basically started from scratch,” she said. “We opened the place up, enlarged the windows to get more natural light inside, and began to create something that was really modern, yet incorporated softer wood and natural textures where appropriate.”

A New Life

Now with all its modern amenities, the spa offers a full-range of services. Treatments such as reiki treatments, massages, waxings, microdermabrasion and facials are all offered, among many others.

In addition to the many services that this spa provides, the spa hosts a number of events with the community. In the past, they have done in-house make-up parties, Lace & Day lingerie events and impromptu yoga classes.

When asked about the neighborhood commitment to the area, Lisa said, “this neighborhood is becoming a vibrant place to live.” 

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