Why Chuan Spa Clients Prefer Himalayan Salt


The Chuan Spa at the Langham in Chicago, Illinois surveyed its clients over a four-month period to gather their feedback on the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage they received. Of the 300 clients who participated in the survey, 83% reported how they preferred to schedule a massage using Himalayan salt compared to one not using any.

When questioned about how they felt after a massage with Himalayan salt compared to one without it, majority of participants stated that they felt better following the Himalayan salt massage, with 62% specifically saying how their skin felt better after the massage.

“This survey provides hard data to support what we were already seeing anecdotally at the Langham–our guests have responded very positively to our Himalayan salt stone massage,” says William Wesley Meyers, regional director of spa, North America, Langham Hotels & Resorts. “Therapists are able to achieve great results by placing salt stones in key areas to aid in melting restrictive fascia and work deeply into the muscles, and the mineral-rich salt stones provide nourishment and light exfoliation to the skin itself.”

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