Arizona Spa Creates Native American Inspired Therapies


Mii amo Destination Spa in Sedona, Arizona is inspired by the Native American culture that surrounds the area, which led them to create Native Inspired Therapies. In an interview with Flagstaff Business News, Jim Root, general manager of Mii amo, explained how "The spa is designed to create synergy between people and place; it’s meant to imbue guests with a visceral sense of place."

Drawing Inspiration

Mii amo aims to pay homage and respect to the Native American culture that surrounds Boynton Canyon, which is why Root remains in regular contact with the leaders of the Navajo, Hopi, Yavapai Apache and Apache tribes.

When designing the destination spa Anasazi-inspired colors and design elements were included in the spa and treatment rooms along with hand-woven rugs. “We have a deep sense of respect and responsibility to the area’s Native American culture and heritage. Honoring that link is an important piece of what we do," Root further explained.

Native-Inspired Therapies

On the spa menu for Mii amo is a section of spa treatments that have all been inspired by the Native American culture. There are four treatments included that all have a 90-minute duration.

Spirit of the New Moon | Manifesting: This treatment has the client write down their intentions for the coming months, which is then followed by a foot bath and fully body massage. The key to this treatment is to allow clients to manifest their deepest desires and wishes.

Spirit of the Full Moon | Releasing: Similar to the previous treatment, this treatment uses the power of the full moon to allow the client to release what they no longer need in life. It starts with them writing down what they wish to release, and it is followed with a warm oil scalp massage and a full body massage.

Inner Quest: This treatment uses elements that are sacred to the Native American Culture, and it is reflective of Native American ceremonies and rituals. This treatment has the four directions honored, sweet grass burned and the Circle of Life Blanket is used to create the warmth of a sweat lodge to honor tribal elders.

Soul Seeker: A master therapist is used in this treatment to help the client achieve a sense of heightened awareness, a new perspective or re-connection with their inner self. This treatment can include techniques like guided imagery, energy soul journeying, emotional release and breath work.

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