Virtual Reality Spa Aims to Help Clients with PTSD


An army veteran on a mission to find a way to better cope with his PTSD, found solace in virtual reality massage. Josh Ridenour, owner of That Massage Place, teamed up with Tiffany Fleischer, co-owner of That Massage Place, in the creation of their virtual reality massage chair that can provide a virtual experience while receiving a healing treatment.

In an interview with abc57 news, Ridenour explains how "[the virtual reality] is a place of wonder and amazement...and combining that with massage therapy, it adds a whole new level of healing for me. It creates almost a mind-body duality." 

Having turned to massage therapy for a long time, it wasn't until Ridenour heard about people using virtual reality to help soldiers who suffer from PTSD that he got the idea to create his massage chair device.

However, the plan doesn't stop here for the duo. The two owners would like to further amplify the experience for the client by adding eye-tracking software for a deeper virtual experience. They would also like to begin filming their own adventures that will translate into hour-long vacations for their guests. 

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