A Good Influence with Sarah Redmond


Ireland-born Sarah Redmond, who is CIDESCO-certified, is the founder of Cocoon Urban Day Spa and co-founder of Cocoon Bare. She began her career at a spa in Dublin in 2000, and went on to join Decléor Skincare Paris and Sothys as an international skin care trainer. “The spa caters to both men and women, and is distinguished from other spas by offering thoroughly personalized services according to each client’s specific needs,” says Redmond.

Q: How do you stay current in this constantly changing industry?

A: “You have to move with the times. Education is key. We are constantly growing and changing. In 2013, we introduced our clients to injectables, dermaplaning and our most exciting new program to date: Restore Me—our infusion program administered by our resident physician. This is an intravenous micronutrient therapy that is delivered through an IV that replenishes your vitamin levels in a safe and luxurious environment.”

Becoming a skin care pro

“My insane love for skin care [made me go into the skin care industry]! I wanted to create the perfect blend of spa: professional, but with a mom-and-pop feel—no air of pretension, while offering exceptional customer service and loyalty always.”

Favorite treatment

“Our Microderm Oxygen facial with dermaplaning will change your life forever ... well your skin, at least! It is fabulous.”

Drawing from inspiration

“My parents [inspire me]. They have always worked so hard to give my brothers and me everything we need, all the while showing us how to live and love in the best way possible. They are exceptional.”

Hiring team members

“An obsessive love for all things skin care is essential. I aim to seek out estheticians who are truly passionate about learning, and are excited and committed to ongoing education within our industry.”

Commonly heard feedback

“When is Cocoon going to open in L.A., New York, Walnut Creek, etc.?” Cocoon Urban Day Spa has one location: San Francisco; and Cocoon Bare has two locations: Oakland and San Francisco. “Cocoon is growing!” says Redmond.

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