Spas For The Cause Gives Spas a Chance to Give Back

The Lamar Everyday Spa launched in an effort to raise funds for The American Red Cross' relief efforts
for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and remains an ongoing resource for spas everywhere whenever help is needed.

The Spas For The Cause concept was simple: guests purchased a spa service and spa staff donated their time so all of the
proceeds could benefit the American Red Cross. A local agency matched the donated funds, doubling the contribution. Donors doubled their contributions, received a relaxing spa treatment and found a place to share their grief and concern with their neighbors: a financial and emotional win-win.

"The people who work in spas are care givers by nature,” explains Heidi Lamar, owner of The Lamar Everyday Spa in Scottsdale Arizona, and founder of Spas For The Cause.  “They spend their lives taking care of others and have enormous hearts. Spas For The Cause is a simple way for them to help the people  in need and those who's hearts go out to them." If your spa would like to become involved in this amazing effort, log on to for more information.

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