Tell Us About YOU: Your Concerns, Your Successes and Your Tips

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At Skin Inc. we are committed to supporting your growth and success as a spa professional. We want to learn about your concerns and issues in the industry.

As the leading source for skin professionals in the spa industry, it is important for us to recognize gaps in your spa and esthetics education that we can fill with resources, articles and content. We pride ourselves in keeping you up to date on the latest skin care trends, treatment options and practices while inspiring you to further the success of your spa.

Fill out our spa services esthetician survey to help us better serve you through our educational content, if you identify as an esthetician in the wellness industry. We also have the spa services leadership survey, for you to fill out if you identify as a spa owner, director, manager or leader.

The spa services leadership survey will cover topics including: 

  • the biggest challenges your business is facing
  • your top 5 services based on revenue
  • your most profitable services
  • what services you would like to add to your spa menu 
  • what information you are currently lacking that is hindering your growth
  • The most important factors for business success

The spa services esthetician survey will cover topics including: 

  • the biggest challenges you are facing as an esthetician
  • the most common services or most popular services you perform
  • your most profitable services taking into account your service time and tips
  • how you expand your client base
  • what information that you are currently lacking that could benefit your growth
  • what is important for your success as an esthetician

If you fill out either of these surveys we will send you our upcoming abridged spa services research report, and you will be entered for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card.

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