5 Tips to Boost Clients' Images and Careers

Your client's image is their visual resume. A healthy, vibrant image can give them a career advantage and an outdated image can make them look older and hold them back in their careers.

Help your clients put their careers on the fast track by helping them follow these five image tips from Avidere, LLC, through services offered in your spa:

  1. Update your hairstyle. Skin and hair color fades through the years and can cause clients to look older than they are. A new cut or color can take years off their appearance and help boost their confidence and career. Need inspiration? Ask your female client to visit www.ivillage.com to preview more than 1,000 hairstyles and see which one looks best on them. Or suggest they browse one of the hairstyle magazines found at most drugstores. Tip: Be sure to advice your client whether the cut is right for your face shape and hair texture before changing their hairstyle. Some styles are more flattering than others.
  2. Brighten your smile. Whiter, healthier-looking teeth can take 10 years off a client's appearance. Consider suggesting that your clients have their teeth whitened, corrected or have them look into wearing veneers if necessary. There are several affordable over-the-counter teethe whitening products to choose from or your spa can offer teeth-whitening services, as well as a dentist. Tip: Suggest clients sip through a straw if they drink tea or coffee to reduce the risk of staining their teeth.
  3. Upgrade your wardrobe. Nothing dates you more than an outdated wardrobe. A faded shirt, worn-out pants, weathered shoes or outdated eyewear or clothing can sabotage your client's professional career. Wearing the wrong colors can also add years to an appearance and make a person look unhealthy and unattractive. In business, you play to win. Stay on top of your game by suggesting your clients maintain a current and attractive wardrobe.
  4. Take care of your skin. Dry or damaged skin can make clients look tired and unhealthy. Neither is a career-enhancer. Advise your clients to wear sunscreen every day to block the damaging rays of the sun. Ask them to drink lots of water; especially if they live in dryer climates or drink caffeinated drinks that dehydrate the skin. Recommend the perfect moisturizer to replenish dry skin and to create a healthy appearance. Help them select the product that works best for their skin.
  5. Exercise regularly. When you feel good, you look good. A healthy body and mind is the best career investment a client can ever make. Frequent exercise such as walking, running or swimming helps to relieve stress, provides more energy, creates a healthy appearance and powers a person with more confidence. A pair of running shoes costs around $40 and is far cheaper than a club membership pass. Get started with these suggestions today and watch how empowered your clients begin to feel.
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