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One of Australia’s top skin care brands, Ultraceuticals, is now making its name in the states, with the mission lead by the brand’s founder and director, Geoffrey Heber, MD. Together with his wife, the cosmetic physician opened the first non-surgical cosmetic medical clinic in Australia. While developing his education at a dermatology conference in Los Angeles, he learned about the effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids for skin rejuvenation. This prompted him to launch his now prestigious skin care brand built on scientific research that people can trust. Now, he spends his days working with his team on product development, staff on-boarding and keeping up with the latest cosmetic research. Dr. Heber sat down with Skin Inc. to discuss their U.S. expansion, their focus in a high caliber of training for spa partners, and how the wellness and skin care industries will continue to meld together moving forward.

Skin Inc. (SI): How did you get started in the industry?

Geoffrey Heber, MD (GH):My wife Deborah Davis, MD and I established one of the first non-surgical cosmetic medical practices in Australia. Early in my career, I attended an inspiring dermatology conference in Los Angeles, in which the first presentations of research on the effectiveness of the cosmetic ingredients alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) for skin rejuvenation were presented. I pursued the distribution of efficacious AHA-based products for the Australian market and was granted the distribution rights for products created by Polystrata Inc., which was owned by the discoverers of the effects of AHAs on the skin, Eugene Van Scott, MD and Ruey Yu, PHD, OMD.

SI:What opportunity taught you the most?

GH: I broadened my education with an MBA from the University of Sydney. This opened my mind to other opportunities outside the technical fields of medicine. When I came across the first AHA brands at Los Angeles conference, I saw an opportunity to deliver more superior skin care to my patients and other consumers than what was currently available in the Australian market.

SI: Who are some of your biggest mentors?

GH:I obtained information and training in the field of cosmetic medicine from many sources. My thirst for developing a high level of expertise in cosmetic medicine and skin care inspired me to attend several international conferences and subscribe to all the medical journals featuring cosmetic medicine and cosmeceutical articles.

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