The Effective Consultation


To have success in professional skin care, an esthetician must have excellent treatment skills and extensive knowledge of skin and esthetic disorders. They must also have good communication skills to talk to clients, explain skin care issues, present treatment plans and convince clients to start corrective programs. Successful estheticians are not only skilled specialists, they are also health educators in skin care.

In esthetics school, students spend most of their time perfecting their skills, preparing for state board examinations, learning the bank of knowledge they will need to analyze skin and treat their clients. Often, there is not enough time to learn proper consultation procedures in school. A truly professional consultation is important for education of the client about their skin conditions and establishing a treatment plan with the client. Proper client consultation is also important in establishing a good business relationship with your client.

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Consultations are arguably the most important part of the treatment, so be sure to check out all the tips and tricks we have for you on consultation in our digital magazine


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Mark Lees, Ph.D., M.S. is a clinical skin therapist and product developer of Mark Lees Skin Care. He is the author of Skin Care: Beyond the Basics, the Skin Care Answer Book and Clearing Concepts. He is a reknown speaker, teaching classes throughout the US and at his training center in Pensacola Florida.

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