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If you truly want to refine and restore your skin, anything short of the royal treatment would be a compromise.

That’s why the skin care experts at Lira Clinical have created an incredible new treatment utilizing the multifaceted power of two new and improved products: The BIO Lift Crème and the PRO Anti-Aging Pads.

Step 1: PRO Anti-Aging Pads

BIO Lift Crème is the king, and PRO Anti-Aging Pads are its queen. This professional, at-home treatment has everything you need to leave your skin with the illustrious look and feel it deserves. With peel, peptide and probiotics working together, your fine lines and wrinkles are not long for this world.


To reveal your true queen, you must first exfoliate dead skin cells and debris. With seven anti-aging and brightening acids, these imperial pads gently exfoliate leaving your skin with a bright, lustrous finish.

While this flawless formulation dissolves unwanted skin cells, Lira’s Healing Peptide Delivery System is busy bolstering the moisture-retention barrier of your next layer of skin, delivering extensive exfoliation with considerably less inflammation.


Oxidation of your skin cells from free radicals and environmental exposure can slowly break down the elasticity of your skin in a chain reaction.

To stop this process in its tracks, we formulated the PRO Anti-Aging Pads with microbiome balancing probiotics and natural antioxidants. These ingredients will not only curb the effects of oxidation, they will help to reverse the effects and keep your skin as plump and radiant as ever.


Finally, after your skin is freshly exfoliated and rejuvenated, a combination of hexylresorcinol and botanicals like mulberry, licorice, bearberry and Halidrys Sililquosa work together to maximize the brightness of your skin.

Step 2: BIO Lift Crème

This multi-purpose crème has always been a powerhouse of nature and science. With its advanced peptide complex to speed rejuvenation, along with the regenerative and barrier boosting powers of plant stem cells from Swiss Apples, Sea Fennel, Alpine Rose and Edelweiss Plant, this advanced formula could do wonders for your skin since its creation.

But what truly makes it worthy of the royal title is a brand-new ingredient in BIO Lift Crème’s arsenal: Royal Epigen-P5.


Royal Epigen-P5 is a compound mimicking royal jelly found in beehives. Royal Jelly is also called the queen maker because it alters how the DNA of female bees is read, causing them to grow into queens.

This fascinating process is known as Epigenetics and its amazing effects are making waves throughout cosmetic science. Activating epidermal regeneration, epigenetics protect telomere dividing too quickly. This regulating action stimulates epidermal growth factors (EGF) shielding against environmental stress factors such as UV rays, blue light and airborne pollutants.

While DNA holds the instruction manual for all living things, epigenetics can strategically edit which parts of the manual that get read. These epigenomes have proven to affect how the skin ages, slowing the effects of aging and giving your skin lasting youthfulness.


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