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As autumn leaves begin to fall, it is a reminder that all things are within the circle of life and must begin anew. Peel season and the need for skin correction is in the forefront of many minds. The quest for flawless, youthful-looking skin is ever present. Achieving bright, beautiful skin takes conditioning and correction. Healthy melanocyte activity is the key to prevent future pigment formation such as age spots, melasma and environmental damage. Choosing the correct home-care program, partnered with regular in-clinic treatments allows skin the best opportunity to Be Bright. Be Beautiful.

Lira Clinical’s exclusive MASQ-techTM brightening technology exemplifies ingredient illuminating innovation. Mastiha, the jewel of the Mediterranean has been utilized for centuries for its medicinal purposes. Its anti-inflammatory benefits calm anxious melanocytes preventing unwanted pigment formation. Minimizing pore appearance, smoothing skin texture, and encouraging healthy cell proliferation benefits many skin types including aging, acne, pigmented and rosacea.

Regardless of skin type, brighter skin is a goal. Nearly every product within Lira Clinical’s product line contains multiple brightening agents addressing pigment from all generations of life whether your client wants to correct, maintain or prevent pigmentation. Flawlessly formulated with science and nature, Lira’s award-winning products are a must-have this holiday season on the retail shelf and in the back bar. Discover some of the favorites that harmonize creating the perfect melody for ideal skin health.

PRO Lite Serum 

BIO Lift Crème

PRO Anti-Aging Pads

MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil 

Skin illumination is offered through the latest Lira Clinical Luxury Treatment Guide. Inspired by nature’s gift, water is essential for life. Water transforms from frost to icicles to beautiful unique snowflakes. Lira Clinical’s philosophy brightens, renews and hydrates skin, embracing the light of beauty. Lira Clinical Treatment Guides give the skin care professional a complete marketing and educational source that can be used seasonally or year-round. These exclusive treatments promote total skin wellness through hydrating, clarifying, brightening and refining aging skin.

Lira Clinical’s passion for the highest standard of professional products with the latest ingredient innovation is found in the Illuminate Luxury Treatment Guide. The newest generation of designer peptides deliver active agents into the skin with limited inflammation and redness. Melanogenesis is inhibited while skin is brightened and tightened. Proven ingredients such as lactic, mandelic and kojic acids are combined with hexylresorcinol for additional anti-aging correction. Topical probiotics balance skin’s microbiome safeguarding against free radical invaders and strengthening the barrier function maintaining natural hydration levels. 

Lira Clinical’s Brilliant Frost treatment combines the top-selling Lactic Clear with the newly formulated BIO Lift Crème. Epigenetic technology is combined with MASQ-techTM and vitamin C for immediate brightening results. Engaging epidermal growth factors along with tightening and brightening active skin agents empowers skin care professionals to meet client expectations, gain trust and establish relationships.

Lira Clinical pursues a partnership with its skin care professionals empowering creative freedom in the treatment room. Elevated advanced education classes are offered throughout the United States and with global partners. You can find more information on Lira Clinical at or by contacting customer service directly at 877.440.5472.


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