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Introducing GlycoAla – The Latest Advancement In Skin Care Technology Backed By Science


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GlycoAla is the world's ONLY COSMETIC PHOTODYNAMIC GEL that includes hyaluronic acid and utilizes an advanced glycosphere nanoparticle delivery system for superior stability, absorption and results.

GlycoAla's  photodynamic ingredient is encapsulated in glycosphere nanoparticles, which enables enhanced delivery to the skin and provides your patients with a safe, efficacious treatment that is designed to help:

  • Minimize the appearance of skin texture and smoothness
  • Reduce visible signs of sun damage and aging
  • Minimize the look of pore size
  • Promote a more hydrated appearance and improve the benefits of moisture retention
  • Support ongoing maintenance for lasting results

Light-activated GlycoAla produces impressive results but with less discomfort, downtime, side effects and cost often associated with more aggressive techniques. This unique combination of high effectiveness and low risk makes GlycoAla an ideal option to attract patients who desire non-invasive, low-risk treatments. Also, it has cost effectiveness and a high ROI for your practice.

Unique in cosmetic products, the GlycoAla glycosphere delivery technology is the most stable, cost effective delivery system available. There are a myriad of LED devices that will activate GlycoAla. Compared to other cosmetic photodynamic products, GlycoAla's superior formulation and technology means:

  • No mixing
  • Shorter incubation times
  • Better outcomes
  • Lower price
  • Two active ingredients, not just one

Revolutionary GlycoAla technology is the first of its kind! Entrapment in glycospheres is the ideal and most stable form of delivering the photodynamic ingredient to the skin. The result is a compound,  requiring a minimal preparation time and a shortened incubation time, but with impressive results!

Contact us today  or 877-337-6227 to learn how your practice and patients can benefit from this exciting new technology for cosmetic skin care.


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