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Osmosis is proud to introduce the most advanced growth factor (GF) formula available today, our new StemFactor. The research and technology behind this amazing product is revolutionary. Let’s start by identifying why putting growth factors on the skin is helpful: Every year of your adult life, you have fewer and fewer growth factors in your skin. While there are roughly 300 varieties, the number of each dwindles with age. This affects the wound-healing capacity and overall health of the skin. By the time you are 50, you have 25% less capacity in this regard, so adding this serum into your daily routine will restore your ability to permanently rejuvenate aged and damaged skin.

The breakthroughs in formulating StemFactor include creating the perfect environment to stimulate growth factor production from both human stem cells and fibroblast cells. Our unique formula does not use human stem cells, but the growth factors they produce. For the last 15 years, most skin care lines use individual growth factor ingredients like Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that are made from bacteria. The results are less stable, less active and less plentiful numbers of growth factors. It has also been proven unhealthy for the skin to only use one of the 300 varieties of growth factors because it creates an imbalance. Using human stem cells and fibroblasts allows us to add virtually all of the varieties the skin needs, but this new formula is much more than that. In our bodies, when stem cells make these powerful healing tools, they encase them in a protective and penetration-enhancing shell called an exosome (pictured here). Whereas most formulas do not have the technology to create them, we are thrilled to be able to feature exosome technology for powerful results.

In addition, our scientists have figured out how to produce many critical skin proteins that aid the skin in rejuvenation and repair. In fact, for the first time in history, we have been able to verify 540 unique skin-benefitting proteins. The most exciting of them are actual human tropocollagen, collagen, tropoelastin and elastin. Research shows that these critical proteins also decline with age and this is the first formula providing such a bioavailable form of them. Many people use collagen, less use elastin, but in both cases you are using pig or cow forms of the proteins that have been irradiated and processed and are much larger in molecular size than what is available in StemFactor.

The research behind the new StemFactor is also a first. Our scientists have not only done independent human trials to show the rejuvenation capacity, but they also tested the safety of these growth factors. Every manufacturer makes different amounts and varieties of growth factors based on their processes. StemFactor contains 350% more growth factors and proteins than any other brand on the market because of the unique, patent-pending methods of our scientists. You cannot know what each blend of GFs does on the skin until you test it. This is virtually unheard of when it comes to stem cell-derived serums because of the cost. We have not only shown significant age-reversal effects, but we have also proven that melanoma cells are not stimulated by this combination of GFs. Research from a decade ago showed that using EGF on its own can stimulate cancer cells to progress, so every formula should be evaluated for its capacity to cause such an immune imbalance. By offering virtually all of the growth factors and proteins the skin makes in a balanced form, and clinically testing its safety on cancer cells, StemFactor stands alone as the most proven, safest and strongest formula available. 

—Ben Johnson, M.D. 


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