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Nelly De Vuyst

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The new Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne collection includes 6 products that are specifically designed to durably control and prevent visible symptoms of acne such as papules, pustules, excess sebum, blackheads and acne scars. The entire skincare line is certified organic by COSMOS® and Ecocert®. Created by five European associations, COSMOS® is the highest standard of certification available in the cosmetic industry and is recognized in over 150 countries.

BioAcne by Nelly De Vuyst® is the first professional skincare line for oily and acne prone skin that can claim that the products are anti-acne. Certified by FDA and Health Canada, the products hold a Natural Product Number (NPN). This certification system is recognized worldwide as one of the most rigorous in terms of protecting the health and safety of consumers. This number, therefore, exemplifies the products’ safety, efficacy and high quality.

Combine the COSMOS® BioAcne Facial and the BioAcne Home Care Program and you will see dramatic results.

The Nelly De Vuyst anti-acne line is composed of 6 products:

A Bacteriostatic Foaming Cleanser, a Cleansing Gel, a Toner, a Roll-on Spot Treatment Serum, a Purifying Gel and a Mask.  The key ingredients are magnolia bark extract and salicylic acid at 2%. The magnolia bark extract has extraordinary antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal to fight against impurities!

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