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Melanin Myths: Treating Hyperpigmentation

During the Face & Body Southeast spa conference and expo, Josh Agnew and Regilynn Haywood discussed melanin myths, how to treat hyperpigmentation.

PCA Skin Celebrates First National Peel Day

PCA Skin celebrated the inaugural National Peel Day, which is now recognized by National Day Archives as an official holiday and will take place annually on March 10.

Ideal Image MedSpa Adds Cold Fat-Trimming

“CoolTone is a great solution for those who lead a busy lifestyle and can't get the body toning results they desire,” Ideal Image CEO David Prokupek said.

L’Auberge's Intuitive Vortex Lets Guests Choose their Journey

The Intuitive Vortex package allows guests to choose from four vortex meditations, which take place in the Vortex Treehouse and are followed by a hike and spa treatment tailored to the guest's selection.

Spa Savvy: Top 5 Sun Protection Questions

A lot has come to light, pun intended, when it comes to sun care, but there are still a lot of questions that consumers have. Make sure you can answer them.

Exclusive Protocols and Trends on Anti-wrinkle and Makeup

We've got eight full protocols that are covering anti-wrinkle treatments for all of your client's anti-aging needs. We are also bringing you the top trends in makeup.

The Benefits Of Blood: A Look at PRP and PRF

There are a lot of benefits for the skin in your own blood, so we're taking a deeper look at the actual benefits of PRF and PRP.

4 Tools That Plug You In...And Don’t Empty Your Purse

It's hard to know what spa technology is best for your practice, but we've narrowed it down to the top four that you need.

Fake News: 8 Light Therapy Myths

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to light therapy and its benefits. We're debunking 8 big light therapy myths.

Electrotherapy in Esthetics

Electrotherapy can be very useful in the spa if you know how to use it and what devices are best for what skin solutions.

Shedding Light on Chronic Pain for Soldiers

Soldiers return home with a host of issues, including chronic pain. The good news—the spa industry can help and light therapy just might be the answer.

Knesko Skin Launches 4 Gemclinical Intuitive Healing Facial Rituals

“The rituals allow therapists the choice to meet the guest where they are by diving deep into the spiritual aspects of the treatment, or taking an approach focusing on the clinical side of the brand and visible benefits,” said Lejla Cas, president and founder of Knesko Skin.

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