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Can Alternative Cleansing Clean Skin?

Cleansing helps maintain skin barrier function and assists routines designed for acne, anti-aging and men’s skin care. This article will discuss the latest in cleansing technology, reviewing some innovative formulation concepts.

Pennsylvania Spa Adds ‘Smartphone Detox’ Treatment to Menu

Blackberry-infused massage provides relief to sore hands and wrists caused by frequent cell phone usage. The 25-minute treatment can be added on as an upgrade to any service.

Erasing Ink: Options for Your Tattooed Clients

There is a growing trend of people wanting their ink to be erased. According to research firm IBISWorld, spending on tattoo removals is still growing and is expected to reach $83.2 million in 2018.

Snake Spa or Beer Bath?

Check out nine of the world's most unusual detox spa options that are grabbing global attention.

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