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3 Ways to Achieve Next-Level Results

It's no secret that to truly change your client's skin you need to take a customized approach...and we just made that even easier for you.

The Art of Lashing

Lashes are only continuing to grow in popularity as people look toward having long, thick and full lashes. See what treatments best suit your clients.

Physical and Emotional Exfoliation for Summer

This summer isn't just about getting your skin buffed and ready for the new season. Considering everything 2020 has brought, this summer is about mental, emotional and physical exfoliation.

Protocols in Practice: 8 Peel Protocols for Your Spa

We have 8 peel treatments for you to incorporate and try out in your spa!

[Survey Says] Americans Still Not Practicing Safe Sun

The American Academy of Dermatology released their survey results on American's protection methods with safe sun care.

Teaching Clients Face Yoga in Quarantine

Face yoga might just be the new treatment or add on service that will bring a major cash flow into your spa.

Reflections: Starting Anew

Starting anew has a whole new meaning this summer with spas and businesses finally being able to open back up after quarantine. See what we have for you in our June issue to help you start your summer off right.

Body Contouring with Spray Tans

Use your spray tan artistry skills to give your clients a body contouring session that is affordable, that they will love and that will make you major money.

CeraVe Survey Uncovers Reasons Adults Skip Sun Protection

More than 30% of survey respondents said they skip sunscreen if they're not planning to spend too much time outside in the sun, but dermatologists warn that sun care is just as important as ever.

[How-To] Guide Clients to Safe At-Home Extractions

Don't let your clients pick at their skin while they wait to see you. See how you can make sure they don't wreck their skin before they come back to you.

Waxing Maintenance Guide for Your Clients

While your clients are stuck in quarantine, make sure your hard waxing work does not go to waste. Show them how they can keep up with their waxing at home.

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