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Ibuprofen Put In Patch for Pain Relief

The common pain reliever ibuprofen is usually administered in pill form; however, researchers at the University of Warwick and its spinoff company, Medherant, have found a way to put ibuprofen in a skin patch.

Patching Up Acne

Acne patches have been huge in Asia for a decade and now U.S. skin care brands are launching their own versions. So how do they work?

The Skin-Mind Connection

With acne specifically, the mind-skin link is powerful, but you already know this as a skin care professional. Oftentimes, the skin condition of acne sufferers is treated, but the emotional and psychological issues that can lead to acne are not addressed.

Chicago Spa Defies Gravity with Facial

George the Salon has introduced a new facial that combines microcurrent, radio frequency and light therapy to lift and tone skin. The Anti-Gravity Facial ($225, 60 min.) is said to act like "yoga for the face" using microcurrent to shorten, lengthen, tone, and train the muscles to lift or prevent them from falling.

Relief with 6 Relaxation Techniques

The NCCIH discusses relaxation techniques such as progressive relaxation, guided imagery, biofeedback and more.

Tackling Female Adult Acne

The prevalence of adult acne is also increasing. Adult acne affects a significant percentage of women until their late 40s, and “female acne” has recently become a distinguished entity due to pathological factors related to hormones and innate immunity.

Science Locates Happiness in Brain

Scientists at Kyoto University have used MRI to narrow in on the neural structures behind happiness, and they hope their findings will have larger implications for happiness training.

16 Skin Care Myths Clients Should Stop Believing

Despite what some social media sites or beauty blogs share, most skin woes don’t have a magical fix. Some of the most common skin care tips circulating online have been debunked.

Spa and Lifestyle Acne Solutions

While there are many medical and at-home interventions for acne, the treatment room is the ideal setting for acne treatment for many reasons.

Controlling Acne with Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

The most successful approach for skin care professionals in managing any skin condition is to develop a basic approach for assessment, diagnosis and then treatment. I encourage all nurses, estheticians and even physicians to develop his/her own rationale for dealing with specific skin conditions.

7 Antibiotic Alternatives for Adult Acne

Acne is a large skin care concern in the United States, particularly in adults. While estheticians are able to treat and prevent a large spectrum of acne, many adults.with severe acne often have to see a dermatologist for prescription antibiotics

Combat Cold Conditions for Skin’s Comfort

Keep clients informed on how to help their skin from becoming irritated in colder weather, especially those who work outdoors.

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