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Why Melasma Is So Difficult to Treat

Learn what makes melasma different from hyperpigmentation so you know why it may be more difficult to treat.

Don't Let Clients Get Sunburned Lips

The lips are usually the most neglected part of the face. See how you can help clients treat and prevent sunburn on them.

Onsen Hot Pools

Onsen Hot Pools, in New Zealand, is extremely customer-centric. It provides customers with a total wellness experience.

Can't Touch the Face? How About A Scalp Facial

Scalp facials may be a new source of revenue for your spa business.

Becoming the Expert With Ayurveda

Create deeper connections with your spa clients through the practice of Ayurveda.

Claudia Fallah Shares Top 5 Pigmentation Tips

Claudia Fallah shares tips on how to combat one of the most irritating skin conditions around!

Preventing Millennial Skin Care Problems

Millennial skin has to be treated differently due to a number of environmental factors.

5 Steps for Better Sleep

Getting enough sleep is extremely important. There are plenty of methods to recommend to your clients, and for yourself that will help you to sleep.

Jar Deconstructed: Coconut

Coconut has been used to help in a wide range of health issues from renal disease to dermatitis. See how beneficial coconut can be for your clients and in your spa!

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