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Wellness Facial: The Gua Sha Face Lift

"The results we saw from the technique we developed, as simple as it is to do, were so effective and apparent that we knew we had to integrate gua sha into our facials," explained Trina Jefferson, director of global education and training for Kerstin Florian Inc.

Connecting the Dots: How Skin Conditions Impact Mental Health

"I believe that taking the time to work on our inner world can bring out the best version of ourselves, we can radiate beauty from the inside out and live a more vibrant life."

Getting Handsy: The Four Hand Facial Treatment

For reVamp SalonSpa, less is definitely not more, and their new Four Hands Facial is proof of that. This treatment can be used in any spa, and could make a world of difference for your clients.

Skin Protection from Solstice to Solstice

Understanding proper skin protection to prevent skin cancer and other UV damage should be a priority on everyone's list. However, there is a big misconception on how the skin should be protected from solstice to solstice.

Performance Health Sponsors Safer Pain Relief Summit

The weekend-long CEU course covers instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, kinesiology taping and therapeutic exercise to restore the human movement system and deliver pain relief.

Real Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Addressing Skin Problems Internally

A very popular trend that has been on the rise is nutricosmetics. However, there is science behind the theory that you have to treat skin from the inside out.

Reflections: All the Feels

This month Skin Inc. shares an important aspect of the skin care and spa industry, and that is making the client feel cared for and special. From gemstone treatments to going above and beyond, this issue has you covered.

Bye Bye Bacne: Treatments and Prevention Methods

Acne is not fun for anyone, and it can, unfortunately, pop up anywhere. See what master esthetician Gunna Covert had to say about treating body acne.

Taking to the Water: Bathing Rituals Around the World

Bathing rituals have evolved over the years, and the different rituals around the world are continuing to work on becoming more modernized. See how spas can join the bathing ritual movement.

Expressive New Treatments From Repechage

Repêchage has launched two new express facials to treat the skin in 30 minutes: The Biolight Express Brightening Facial and Red-Out Express Soothing Facial.

The Gemstone Facial

Gemstones can be incorporated in different spa treatments to help use nature's energy to feed your client's inner rainbow. Learn about the different gemstones and how they can make a difference in your spa.

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