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Fact Vs. Fiction on Sun Protection and Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month, and IMPACT Melanoma is providing key tips and debunking myths about sun protection and healthy skin. See how healthy skin is a key part to healthy aging.

All Eyes On Treatments

As people say, the eyes are the window to the soul. They also happen to be a common concern point for people when it comes to areas of the face that show aging. See what options for treatments you have to help your clients with their crow's feet.

Is Lip Lightening the New Hot Trend?

Lip lightening is rising in popularity for women who would like to lighten the appearance of their lips that may be darkened from smoking, tanning and genetics.

Bring Your Spa into the Future

Virtual Reality seems like the stuff for video games and amusement park experiences, but now, it's something that could add some real benefit to your spa.

Why You Should Make the Sugaring Switch

Sugaring has become a trend that just keeps getting hotter, and Michelle Cate discussed benefits and techniques of sugaring as well as how it can bring big bucks into your spa.

6 Ways to Sculpt Medspa Style

Many clients want to tone up areas of their body that they have been working on to no avail. Modern technology has given medical spas the unique benefit of helping them to blast away that unwanted flab.

Picking Me Foundation Celebrates Anniversary

The donor-supported non-profit advocates for dermatillomania sufferers, supporters and educational communities. Dermatillomania is a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) characterized by the compulsive picking of one’s skin; it has only been diagnosable since 2013.

Spot Melanoma: Save A Life!

Join IMPACT Melanoma at Face & Body in San Jose, California to learn all about the Skinny on Skin, and how you can be helping to spot melanoma on your clients.

Why Everyone is Loving Korean Body Scrubs

Want to get your spa on the K-beauty trend craze? The Korean body scrub is an excellent treatment that can be incorporated into the spa.

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