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5 Wax Menu Tips That Boost Business

Does your wax menu need a reboot? See how you can boost your wax menu with these 5 simple tips!

Do Fad Diets Fade Beauty?

Fad diets come and go pretty constantly. Currently, the keto diet, Whole30 and the Mediterranean diet are the ones to try out, but are they doing damage to your skin?

Protocols in Practice: Brightening

This month our key focus was on multicultural skin, and to accompany this we brought together seven full, brightening protocols that you can bring into your spa.

Fight UV Damage With Food

Vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants and fats all play important roles in maintaining healthy skin.

Nutricosmetics: Understanding Skin Health from the Inside Out

Nutricosmetics are here to stay in the spa industry, so we brought you a very necessary breakdown of this ongoing trend.

[Mintel Data] The Top Trends Reinventing Sun Care

David Tyrell, Ph.D., global skincare analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, Mintel, touches on consumer behaviors and trends expected to impact sun care products in the coming years.

Enhancing Eye Treatments with Microcurrent

Traditional beauty treatments for the eyes have included peels, masks, lymph drainage massage and cold therapy, but long-term results are here with microcurrent treatments.

Researchers Develop Nano-Vaccine to Treat Melanoma

Researchers at Tel Aviv University developed a nano-vaccine that can be used to treat and prevent melanoma.

Protocols in Practice: Holiday

We are bringing you eight protocols that you can bring into your spa this holiday season!

Demystifying Exfoliation Devices

Technology is only continuing to become a bigger part in the spa industry, so we decided to demystify some exfoliation devices that your spa should be using.

Teaching Teens

Teaching teens the important of skin care can guarantee better skin later in life, so we are covering everything from acne myths to nutrition.

What’s New in Microblading

We have a microneedling update for you that is big. Check out what is changing and what is predicted to adapt in the future.

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