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Eight Home Devices to Boost Skin Success

Technology continues to boom and grow in the industry, which includes the home-care technology used in devices. See what at-home devices you need to get your clients trying.

Protocols in Practice: Eye Treatments

Skin Inc. is bringing a new feature to our digital magazine by bringing you countless protocols of different types of treatments each month. This month we put the focus on eyes.

Bringing Health, Hope and Happiness Into Radiance

Many people think that radiance comes form slathering on 14 different moisturizers, highlighters and body oils, but truly a real glow comes from much more than products you apply.

Machines for the 4 Major MedSpa Targets

While most people think of fillers when they heard medspa, there are really four major reasons people visit the medspa, and we've got your guide to the machines you'll need to address these skin concerns.

Awakening Tired Eyes

If the eyes are considered the "windows to the soul," it probably isn't a great look to have tired eyes. Learn how to awaken the eyes and get rid of that fatigued, worn-down appearance.

Microneedling: Setting the Needle Straight

Make sure you're fully updated on everything that is going on with microneedling. We're setting the needle straight as you might say.

7 Steps to the Perfect Binge Masking Treatment

Make your masking treatments more beneficial for your clients by binge masking. See how to set up the perfect binge masking treatment.

Transforming Eyebrows With Tints

Tinting eyebrows is a great, non-scary way to get your client's eyebrows in the shape that they want them in. Check out an amazing protocol to start this treatment on your clients.

Discovering the Benefits of Body Combing with Crystals

Body combing is the latest wellness craze to come from ancient eastern medicine traditions, and it has quite a few benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

Discovering the Detoxifying Benefits of a Volcanic Sand Bath

Volcanic sand bathing may not sound entirely comfortable or desirable, but Sojo Spa Club is showing guests just how relaxing and detoxifying this type of treatment can be.

The Rules for Radiance

Everyone is looking to get that glow on their skin, so we've brought you some simple rules to help your clients achieve radiant skin.

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