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US FDA Pushes Sunscreen Reform on Three Fronts

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced three new efforts to advance its framework for sun protection products including Maximal Usage Trials (MUsT)—just ahead of summer vacation and in line with #DontFryDay.

Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day

A Global Wellness Institute initiative, Massage Makes Me Happy saw massage therapy and spa associations, massage therapy schools, consumer and industry publications, spas, travel and leisure organizations and industry suppliers spreading the word and celebrating the day.

Melanoma 101: The Signs, Symptoms and Preventative Measures

Melanoma Awareness Month is a time to spread the word about how to prevent melanoma and keep healthy skin.

Celebrity Treatment: The Penis Facial Breakdown

Another trending treatment that may seem outrageous but may also have some science backing it.

THEN & NOW: Infrared and the Light Spectrum

A lot can happen in 30 years...especially when it comes to light. See what has changed with infrared, LED light as well as the spa treatments and technology.

Turning the Light on With Infrared-Light Body Wrap Treatments

Infrared light body wraps may be the key to your clients unlocking a slimmer and healthier appearance.

Trending Celebrity Treatment: Baby Botox

Baby Botox has quickly risen to popularity among the youthful celebrities, but could this treatment really be worth all of the hype?

It's Raining Men: Popular Male MedSpa Treatments

Men are making their appearance in the medical spa, and requesting certain treatments to keep them looking like they're still 'in the game.'

Brow Chica Brow Brow: Shaping Tips for Clients' Faces

Having client's will all different face shapes come in makes it highly necessary to know how to shape their brows to best stick to their face shape and features.

Reflections: Eating Pretty

This issue of Skin Inc. is all about making yourself beauty from the inside out with beauty foods. See what is in store for learning about nutrition, bridal guides and biomimetic science.

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