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Why You Should Brush Dry Skin

There are numerous benefits of body brushing with the major one being reducing the appearance of cellulite. See why you should add this to your menu and your daily routine.

Treating Cellulite with the Palper Rouler Massage

The Palper Rouler massage technique treats cellulite with a French twist. Check out how this treatment could be exactly what your clients are looking for.

Hydrotherapy Healing

Hydrotherapy is the an amazing body treatment that uses targeted, energized water to bring health and well-being back to the body.

Why Magnesium Bathing is 2019's Top Self-care Trend

Magnesium bathing is a tale as old as time that is coming back as a hot self-care trend fro 2019.

Creatively Treating Cellulite

Understanding and addressing cellulite to break down different ways to treat it on clients.

The Business of Men

Learn how to focus on your male clients and show them how they deserve just as much self care, love and appreciation. See how male skin is different from female skin.

Exploring Peel Possibilities

Peels can treat various skin conditions, and see how you can still use all natural peels to treat the same conditions.

When to Peel

Knowing when to peel is critical for glowing healthy skin, so we've got your complete guide to show you how to know exactly when to peel.

Bring In The Men

Men can be your best clients and we've got all the ways you can maximize on these diamonds in the rough.

Repêchage Combines Iontophoresis and Enzymes for Anti-aging Gold

The protocol utilizes the company's Vita Cura Lifting Mask, which launched in May 2019, along with its Vita Cura Enzymatic Micropeel and lonto Massager.

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