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The No B.S. Approach to Skin Cancer

Boss Lady Stace went through her own experience with skin cancer, which helped her become better about helping her clients. Hear her tips about basic steps and knowledge you can pick up to save a client's life.

Wax That Tatt

Can waxing tattoos actually be good for them? Believe it or not there are a lot of benefits to waxing pre-tattoo as well as post-tattoo, so see why this is a service you could easily be promoting.

Spotting Skin Cancer

As professionals who are constantly looking at the skin, it is important to be able to spot signs of potential skin cancer threats. Check out this guide to get yourself covered on understanding skin cancer.

"Natural Look" Leads 2019's Medical Spa Procedures

Getting the "natural look" is going to be all the rage with medical spa treatments in 2019. Clients are still fueled by social media to look enhanced, while also looking as natural as possible.

Taking Hair Removal Holistic

Holistic alternatives to favorite treatments are becoming all the rage as clients become more health conscious. When it comes to hair removal, we've got you covered.

Seasons of Rub: Maine Spa Introduces Seasonal Massages

The Salt of the Sea series, synced with the moon’s cycles, features a massage with warm, hand-carved stones from Saltability and essential oil blends selected to represent each season.

3 Ways to Incorporate Wellness into Your Spa

Wellness is a $3.7 trillion industry that is only continuing to grow in market value and popularity. This quick and easy guide can help you incorporate wellness into your spa more easily.

Top 5 FAQs of Eyelash Extensions

With lash extensions becoming more and more popular, it is only natural that people want to start offering the service in their salon or spa. Here are answers to the top 5 FAQs on lash extensions to get you headed in the right, and successful, direction.

Rebuild and Strengthen Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be easily misunderstood and often mistaken for a simple reaction. Learn how to detect whether a client has sensitive skin as well as how to help treat their sensitive skin.

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