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A Closer Look at IPL and Lasers

Lasers and light therapies can treat numerous skin concerns, so to better understand how to use lasers and light therapies we're breaking them down into three categories.

Med Spas Take Tattoo Removal Methods to New Levels

Tattoos can always seem like a great idea, until they don't anymore. That is why tattoo removal has only been growing in popularity in the spa with roughly 45 million Americans having tattoos.

Magic Mushrooms Take Wellness Tourism on a Trip

Mushrooms are starting to make a big splash in the wellness world, specifically in wellness tourism. Psychedelic retreats are becoming the new it thing to help aid with mental health.

Creating the Male Facial

Men are growing in the spa industry, and they are really understanding the importance of taking care of themselves and their skin. Thus, it is important for spa professionals to understand how to engage, treat and bring in this client market.

Treating Hyperpigmentation in Multicultural Skin Types

Hyperpigmentation is currently the top condition treated among people of color with 65% of black clients and 53% of Hispanic and Asian clients.

4 Foods to Hydrate Winter Skin

We've got four foods that can help your clients boost their skin hydration and get the most out of their hydrating treatments. Help your clients take care of their skin from the inside out.

Ayurvedic Spa Offers Flu Treatment (with How-To)

Nobody likes to get the flu or feel stuffy, and that is why VEDA created the Nasya treatment to clear out the sinuses. This treatment includes a blend of oils to help open the sinuses and clear the mind.

The Attitude of Aging

The population is only getting older, but at the same time, everyone is trying to hold onto their youth. See what Shelly Birnbaum had to say about aging with grace in this industry.

Reflections: Time’s A Marchin’

This month we are bringing you all the information from aging skin sins to ablative and non-ablative lasers. Bottom line, aging happens to everyone, but people seeing how much they're aging can be controlled to a point.

The 3 Skin Sins: Smoking, Sugar and Stress

We know smoking isn't good for you or your skin, but did you know there are two other skin sins that have a huge impact when it comes to aging?

The Highs and Lows of Laser Ablation

Knowing the difference between ablative and non-ablative lasers can make a big difference. See the pros and cons of using these lasers in the treatment room.

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