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[VIDEO] Then and Now: Extractions, Naturals and Express Facials

In this video, Sarfati explains how she got the attention of national beauty and fashion magazines and became known as the "queen of blackheads" by offering effective deep pore cleansing.

5 Generations of Spa Menus

When crafting a spa menu, to develop a successful one, it's very important to consider your clients and the treatments they like. To make this a bit easier, here's a breakdown on the generations and the spa treatments they prefer.

Keep Calm and Smell Linalool: Study Confirms Anti-anxiety Link

Researchers believe that with this study that they can develop clinical applications for linalool scents in treating various anxiety disorders.

Open for the Season: Crafting Seasonal Treatments Inspired by Nature

There are many different ways to adding seasonal treatments to your spa menu. Some choose to focus on the holidays associated with the season, while others can focus on how the season affects clients and their skin.

Ritz-Carlton Gets Boozy With Unique Spa Menu

The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, opened up a new menu that allows its guest to enjoy "happy hour" in a whole new way. See what beverage inspired treatments are featured on this menu.

Bringing Peace To Psoriasis

Psoriasis is more common than people might believe, and Kris Campbell is helping to clear up some of the misconceptions of psoriasis. Make sure you can properly treat your clients who have psoriasis.

Reflections: Winter Ready

Getting the skin winter ready is no joke. That's why Skin Inc. has you covered with discussing the importance of hyaluronic acid as well as telling dry skin from dehydrated skin. See what is in store this month!

4 Tips for Healthy Fall Skin

While days may be shorter, it is still important to make an effort in protecting the skin from the dangerous UV rays during fall. See how you can keep your skin healthy during the fall season.

Japanese Spa Offers Ramen Wellness Bath

While wine baths and even beer baths have been more popular in the spa industry, one pretty unique wellness experience would be the ramen noodle bath featured at the Yunnesun in Japan.

Hawaiian Spa Uses Feet in Deep Tissue Massage

A new method to deep tissue massage is making waves in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Halekulani Spa has their massage therapist use their feet when performing this treatment.

Laser Therapy Becomes Preventative Treatment for Skin Cancer

Fractional laser skin resurfacing has been shown to help reduce and treat pre-cancerous skin that has been caused by UV damage. See what else this therapy has to offer.

Study Shows You Can Turn Off Aging

A research group from the University of Alabama at Birmingham may have just discovered the scientific fountain of youth. Their test results show that aging is a genetic mutation that we might just be able to turn off.

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