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Raising Spirits in the Spa with Bourbon and Whiskey Treatments

Spirits have some amazing benefits for the skin and body when used in spa treatments, so these spas have decided to capitalize on this through some unique treatments.

Foods For Hydration & Health

Healthy skin starts from within. We've all heard that right? So what does that mean when it comes to healthy and hydrated skin?

CBD Facials: The Latest Beauty Buzz

CBD is only continuing to grow in the industry, but CBD facials are taking it to a new level. Branch out from CBD massages by adding this service to your menu.

Anti-aging, Pigmentation and Acne: The Depths of Chemical Peels

Today's anti-aging consumers diverge between relaxed well-aging and immediate effects—even turning to invasive treatments. In the latter context, this article discusses facial peels, to provide formulators a professional spa product perspective.

Protocols in Practice: Clarifying

Looking to add more clarifying treatments to your spa? Check out the 7 full protocols of different clarifying treatments we have for you!

Researchers Develop Needle-free Anti-aging Treatment

Researchers have developed a needle free anti-aging treatment that they designed to work better than topicals.

Making Masks Work For You

Learn more about the different types of masks you can provide to your clients and why they will thank you for it!

Detoxifying with Rhythm and Ritual

Clients are looking for way to detox their skin from all the environmental pollution that is surrounding it. Learn how you can help your clients with this.

Fighting Against the Melasma Battle

Melasma affects six million women in the U.S., so make sure you know how to spot it and treat it!

5 Wax Menu Tips That Boost Business

Does your wax menu need a reboot? See how you can boost your wax menu with these 5 simple tips!

Do Fad Diets Fade Beauty?

Fad diets come and go pretty constantly. Currently, the keto diet, Whole30 and the Mediterranean diet are the ones to try out, but are they doing damage to your skin?

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