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Creating a Custom Facial Protocol

Customizing skin care has been a hot concept in the industry for a while with all clients wanting something tailored specifically to them. That's why we broke down exactly how you can give your clients what they want.

Tomato Phytonutrients Support Skin Resilience to UV Exposure

A study published in the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology showed how Lycored researchers uncovered a way to promote anti-aging skin care through supplementation.

Obesity Shown to be Inversely Associated with Acne

While nutrition and acne often seemed linked together, recent researchers have discovered that it may not be in the way that we have previously believed.

IV Therapy Brings Skin and Body Benefits

DripDoctors has changed the game in receiving vitamins into the skin and body for overall health and wellness. We interviewed the founder to better understand this treatment.

Why Brides-to-be Clients Need Paraffin Treatments

In taking such extreme care of the skin on our faces, we can often forget about the skin on our hands. Having your bride-to-be clients have dry or crepey hands on their wedding day is definitely a wedding don't. See how this treatment is the perfect add-on for you to give to your brides.

Personalized Acne Solutions

Customization is taking the beauty and spa industries by storm, with people wanting everything custom crafted. One area where this holds particularly true is acne treatments.

Reflections: Freedom From Hair

This month we're talking all about hair...or better yet lack there of. From post-wax care to sensitive skin waxing we've got you covered. As well as, talking about acne and customizing facials.

3 Top Post-wax Skin Woes (And How To Stop Them)

When it comes to waxing you need to be a master of the treatment as well as post-care to provide the best service to your clients. Luckily, we've got you covered on both ends.

Trending: Lip Threads Vs. Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have been the reigning ruler for getting a plumper pout, but a new competitor has entered the arena. Lip threading is hot lip treatment that people are opting for to get that full-lipped look.

Laser Probe Can Spot Skin Cancer in Seconds

There are roughly 7,200 new cases of melanoma reported in Canada each year, but a research student at the University of British Columbia is developing a device that can help with early detection of skin cancer in seconds.

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