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Shedding Light on Chronic Pain for Soldiers

Soldiers return home with a host of issues, including chronic pain. The good news—the spa industry can help and light therapy just might be the answer.

Knesko Skin Launches 4 Gemclinical Intuitive Healing Facial Rituals

“The rituals allow therapists the choice to meet the guest where they are by diving deep into the spiritual aspects of the treatment, or taking an approach focusing on the clinical side of the brand and visible benefits,” said Lejla Cas, president and founder of Knesko Skin.

Atlanta MedSpa Introduces CoolSculpting

Plastic surgeon and skin care expert Myla Bennett, MD, has introduced the CoolSculpting procedure to Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

What to Expect in 2020: Treatments, Ingredients and Makeup

The report focuses on the three areas in the beauty and personal care industry that received the most buzz on social media: treatments, ingredients and makeup trends.

Masterfully Waxing Coarse Hair

Learn all of the hot tips and tricks for waxing coarse hair in your spa.

Blasting TEN Sun Care Myths

Check out what the top sun care myths we're busting so that you can keep your clients safe and protected from the sun.

The Top Esthetic Treatments for Skin of Color

Springer urged her class to become familiar with common and uncommon skin conditions in skin of color.

Treating the Transgender Client

During day three of Face & Body Southeast, Mary Nielsen spoke with event attendees about the skin changes, appropriate protocol and treatments that estheticians should be aware of when caring for a trans client.

Making the Switch to Body Sugaring

Shannon O'Brien shared the benefits of sugaring with Face & Body Southeast attendees during her session "Making the Sweet Switch to Body Sugaring."

Elina Organics Becomes First Chicago Spa with Icoone LASER Machine

Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Skincare Spa is the first and only spa in Chicago to introduce the Icoone LASER body firming machine from Italy.

Breaking Down Hairy Spa Services

Whether clients are looking for waxing, sugaring or brow services, the spa can have a lot of choices to make when setting up their hair removal services. We are making this a little easier with our education opportunities at Face & Body Southeast.

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