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Makeup Tips for Asian Features

Layering eyeshadow, curling eyelashes, fake lashes and warm-toned brow colors are some tips from makeup artists for Asian features, according to Forbes.

5 Tips For Back To Work Skin Health and Confidence

These are some of the best ways to care for your skin while you’re heading back into the office!

The Benefits and Side Effects of Anthralin

Anthralin is a topical medicine typically used to treat psoriasis. It can be extremely effective as a short contact or overnight treatment, but there are also possible side effects, per Medical News Today.

Benefits of Beard Oil

Beard oils, with active ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin and vitamin B12, will rehydrate and nourish the beard and skin underneath, promoting skin health and preventing in-grown hairs, according to Healthline.

Rebuilding Sensitive Skin

It seems like there has been an increase in sensitive skin, especially over the last few years. The good news about sensitive skin is that it can be strengthened over time and restored to a standard skin type.

Stressing the Treatment of Stress for Healthy Skin

Exposure to stressors is higher than ever, and as estheticians, we owe it to our clients to educate them on the substantial role stress plays in their skin’s health.

What’s All The Hype? Part 2: The Fix Is In

Although there are many ways to address hyperpigmentation, there are three that this article will suggest you start with: chemical peeling, manual exfoliation and at-home regimen.

Protocols in Practice: Aromatherapy

We have gathered six brands that shared their aromatherapy treatment protocols for us to feature in our digital magazine.

FDA Updates Consumers on Microneedling Safety and Regulations

The update covers benefits, risks and definitions of medical and nonmedical microneedling procedures.

Keep Brows Full with Moisturizer

Celebrity brow artist René de la Garza recommends using a moisturizer or eye cream to keep brows full without needing to invest in another product.

Understanding the Etiology of Facial Aging

The evidence-based literature review offers a comprehensive overview of the latest data on the etiology and progression of facial aging from the inside out.

3 Makeup Steps For Even Skin

According to an article on Healthline, this three-step makeup technique can help consumers develop a smooth, natural look using minimal makeup.

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