Rejuvenating Skin With Peels

woman geeting peel treatment
Learn what peels your clients need to rejuvenate their skin.

The summer can take a toll on your client's, which is why the winter and fall can become the best time to switch to a more rejuvenating mindset. Shannon Esau, CEO and National Educator for Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, will be discussing key ingredients to use to help rejuvenate skin by diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and leathery, photo-aged skin in their Webcast "Are You Looking to Give Your Clients Transformational Results in the Treatment Room?"

Esau will be diving deep into this concept on October 4, 2023. After the presentation we will also be conducting a live Q&A.

Rejuvenating Ingredients for the Skin

This webcast will cover the Rhonda Allison three-step prep method, as well as how to select the best solution depending on the depth of the peel you are performing and the amount of downtime your client is comfortable with. 

Esau will also share more insight in the rejuvenating acids that can be used during the peel for pro youth and pigmented skin. Finally, she will cover how to determine the depth of the peel you would like to perform on your client, as well as post peel home care for optimal results. 

Peel Webcast Details

All of the attendees who come to the webcast will be receiving a special offer from Rhonda Allison, which is their RA Pro Peel System for $215. The system includes: an RA treatment cleanser, cell conditioner, melanin suppressant solution, mandelic arginine peel, hibiscus peel, apple wine peel, vitamin A+ peptide peel, skin rehab (post peel retail). 

If you attend the webcast live, and have a question during the live Q&A that doesn't get answered, don't worry. Esau will be answering all of your questions offline, so no questions are missed. Also, if you are unable to attend the live webcast, it will be available for on-demand viewing for all registrants one houre after the live presentation has concluded. 

Register for the webcast. 

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