How To Treat Psoriasis On The Lips


While psoriasis is a common skin condition experienced by millions, psoriasis on the lips is so rare, your client's doctor or dermatologist might not make as easy of a diagnosis. MedicalNewsToday wrote an article that discusses psoriasis on the lips' symptoms and possible treatment options. 

Psoriasis can lead to symptoms being shown on the lips that are caused from inflammation on other parts of the body. These symptoms can include skin peeling, silvery scales on the skin and plaques. 

In rare cases, psoriasis can spread to the lips. According to the article, people with this skin condition "presented with the characteristic red plaques, silvery scales on the lips, fissures, cracking and skin peeling." 

Psoriasis on the lips can be triggered by a number of actions including smoking, consuming alcohol, hormonal changes and infections. After the diagnosis, there are several treatment options that vary with each case.These treatments include a "combination of topical glucocorticois, vitamin D, and phototherapy." For harsher cases customized medical treatment may be required and for less severe cases, at-home application of emollient cream can aid in clearing symptoms. 

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