Chicago Spa Defies Gravity with Facial

George the Salon

George the Salon has introduced a new facial that combines microcurrent, radio frequency and light therapy to lift and tone skin. The Anti-Gravity Facial ($225, 60 min.) is said to act like "yoga for the face" using microcurrent to shorten, lengthen, tone, and train the muscles to lift or prevent them from falling.

The facial starts with ultrasonic cleansing to remove dead build-up and debris that is in the pores, while pushing lymph through the lymphatic system to encourage brightening and healthy skin cell renewal. A microcurrent pushes products deeper into the skin to maximize ingredient benefits, while radio frequency is shortening and lengthening the muscles in your face to tone and lift them to go back to their original state. LED light acts as an alarm clock for collagen and elastin cells to wake up and start working and doing their job.

The facial incorporates a number of ingredients that prevent free radical damage. Clients notice a difference in texture and tightness after one treatment. The service is for immediate, preventative and continual working results.

“Think of this as your workout for your face,” explains Lindsey Blondin, spa director and lead esthetician for George the Salon. “You do not go to the gym until you get to your desired results and just stop working out to continue looking the way you did when you had gotten to your desired result. The same goes for this treatment, since it is conditioning your facial muscles, by shortening and lengthening them so they are lifted and toned, giving you a natural face lift.”

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