Restore Compromised Barriers in 90 Days


Are you seeing skin that is highly sensitive and quickly reacts to inferior products? Typically, the main cause of sensitivities is an unhealthy barrier due over exfoliation from aesthetic procedures, at home exfoliants, or overuse of prescription strength topicals. While increasing cellular turnover is important, if the barrier function is disrupted, the skin is more susceptible to bacteria and the elements, and ultimately becomes depleted of resources. This results in a “compromised barrier”.

Compromised Barrier Rescue Philosophy
With a compromised barrier, we want to give the skin special attention by repairing from the inside out and focusing on epidermal health and dermal health.  RA’s philosophy is gentle, yet effective, and can take compromised skin to a healthy, normal place.

The dermal layer of the skin is the precursor to a strong epidermal layer and a properly functioning barrier. The dermis requires resources to provide healthy collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and blood vessels for the epidermis. With the application of encapsulated retinaldehyde (vitamin A), stem cells, and pyruvic acid, we can restore and fortify the dermis while optimizing cellular energy and cellular function.



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Repairing and rebuilding the epidermal layer relies on an abundance of resources, including those received from the dermis and topical vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, and E offer both vitamin and antioxidant properties. In addition, they can thicken the dermal layer, defend against free radical damage, and heal weakened barriers.



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Compromised barriers also suffer from trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), which can be remedied with specialized hydration and lipid support. Various humectants, organic oils, and omegas bind and seal moisture into depleted skin, increasing hydration levels, improving overall barrier function, and reducing irritations and reactiveness.



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The Benefits of Professional Treatments
Corrective facials and peels are a great way to achieve results for compromised skin. During facials, gentle enzymes and rejuvenating mandelic acid can offer effective exfoliation, while strengthening, nutrient-rich serums, soothing masks, and nourishing finishers rebuild and restore the barrier. And even compromised barriers can benefit from a peel! We want to focus on solutions that bring benefits to the cells, not ones that just bring exfoliation. Hibiscus extracts and vitamin A work together to gently exfoliate without depleting the dermal layer.


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When you peel a skin, you will have new skin cells surfacing – this is your opportunity!  Post care is as important as the peel, especially for compromised, sensitive skin!

Professional treatment benefits include:

•    gentle exfoliation for smoother, strengthened skin.

•    lipid restoration and balance.

•    a healthy nutrient infusion for depleted skin.

•    immediate soothing relief for dehydrated, inflamed, sensitive skin.


Compromised Barrier 90-Day Programs
Restoring healthy barrier function is absolutely necessary for well-functioning, vibrant skin. Most RA 90-Day Programs include a combination of corrective facials, peels, home care and our Skin Rehab post care products. To restore optimal health, RA’s Vitamin A Series is a great choice. Performed in a series of 3, 3 weeks apart, this program is for those committed to change and are looking for serious results and beautiful outcomes.


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