Treatment How-to: Acne Skin Treatment

Treatment duration: 60 minutes

Treatment cost: $125

Equipment needed:

Magnifying lamp


2 spatulas

High frequency machine


Sharp box container

Supplies needed:

Consultation form

Nonirritation facial cleanser

Sulfur-based facial mask


Sterile cotton swabs

Needle or lancet, where permissable by state law


Antibacterial mask

Calming and soothing mask

Mattifying moisturizer

Step 1: After greeting the client and performing a gentle, nonirritating cleansing, begin a 10–15 minute pretreatment consultation. Find out how long the client has had an acne problem and what products she has been using to treat the condition. Ask whether isotretinoin has been used and if she is pregnant. Inquire about health issues and allergies. Also, perform a thorough skin analysis using a magnifying lamp. Check for pore size, type of acne lesions, irritation and sensitivity.

Step 2: Ask the client to lie face up on the treatment table and begin the process of desincrustation, which includes opening the pores using the steamer, followed by a gentle, nonstimulating facial massage. This softens the outermost layer of the skin.

Step 3: Apply a sulfur-based mask that preps the skin for extractions. Remove the mask after 10 minutes.

Step 4: Use a magnifying lamp to locate areas that need extractions. Wrap both index fingers with cotton and use sterile cotton swabs and fingertips to exert firm pressure on the skin surrounding the blackhead, and then lift the blackhead from the follicle gently. If removing milia, where permissible by law, use a sterilized needle or lancet, to pierce the skin from a horizontal direction. When finished, dispose of needle or lancet in a sharp box container. Repeat steps as needed.

Step 5: After the extractions, apply astringent to the client’s skin, paying close attention to the areas that received extractions.

Step 6: Apply an antibacterial mask using a spatula. Keep the mask on for seven minutes and remove using damp cotton.

Step 7: Apply a calming and soothing mask using a spatula for an anti-inflammatory effect. Keep that mask on for 10 minutes and remove using damp cotton.

Step 8: After removing second mask, apply a gentle mattifying moisturizer to the client’s face.

Step 9: To complete the treatment and prevent secondary lesions, use the high frequency machine, making sure the client has removed all metal jewelry, isn’t pregnant, doesn’t have heart problems, asthma and epilepsy, and doesn’t have metal implants, heavy metal dental work or braces.

Step 10: Place index finger on electrode and apply to the client’s face starting at the chin. Remove index finger when electrode makes contact with the skin.

Step 11: In circular movements, move the electrode over the client’s face, beginning at the chin, for 3–5 minutes, sparking the skin by lifting the electrode up and down directly over the acne lesion.

Step 12: To remove the electrode from the skin, place index finger on the electrode and then lift it off the skin. Turn machine off and clean the electrode with soap and water, then spray with alcohol, dry, and place in a sterilization solution for 20 minutes.

Step 13: After the service, discuss a home care program with your client in order to maintain the results that were achieved in the treatment. This program should include the use of a gentle antibacterial cleanser and astringent, a night serum that unclogs pores and controls skin desquamation, a daytime moisturizer that heals and has antibacterial properties, a gentle antibacterial mask to be used up to three times per week and a drying lotion to reduce pustules overnight.

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