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In-house spa events that play up brand new treatments are always a fun way to start a buzz with spa-goers. I recently attended the B. Kamins, Chemist and Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas launch of the Beyond Botox Facial and book signing gala at Tricoci’s flagship North Michigan Avenue location in Chicago. I also had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the facial’s creators, Ben and Howard Kaminsky. The father and son duo are the founders of B. Kamins, Chemist and authors of the book Beyond Botox: 7 Strategies for Sexy, Ageless Skin without Needles or Surgery (Springboard Press, 2006).

“Our customers will embrace the Beyond Botox Facial as it reveals what educated consumers need to know—that there are responsible alternatives to invasive procedures, and that one can still achieve younger-looking skin for life,” states Ben Kaminsky, the senior of this duo. Ben, a pharmaceutical and dermatological chemist, develops breakthrough formulas in the field of progressive skin care at his Montreal-based Odan Laboratories, which he founded in 1974. In 1997, he partnered with his son, Howard, who is a lawyer, and held private practices in both Montreal and New York City before becoming president of B. Kamins, Chemist.

He explained to me the difference between intrinsic—genetic—aging, and extrinsic—environmental—aging, claiming that injectable fillers can only help with intrinsic aging, which is a mere 20% of the skin’s overall aging. Plus, despite its seeming popularity, less than 2% of American women have resorted to Botox, according to B. Kamins, Chemists’ research. This treatment, says Ben Kaminsky, was created for the more than 110 million American women seeking a healthier, more natural alternative. According to Kaminsky, the company wanted to partner with Mario Tricoci Salons & Spas because of its superb facilities and training. The company also will be rolling out the facial with several of its spa partners nationwide, including all Fairmont Willow Stream Spas locations.

Mario Tricoci’s was the pulse of activity for this Thursday evening launch. A guest suite had been arranged in the spa where I was able to mingle and talk business with not only the Kaminskys, but many principals at the spa, as well. Two beverages featured in the book were served—the Super Berry Smoothie and Green Tea Skin Saver. In the spa itself, the technicians all carried copies of the book Beyond Botox, and were eager to talk about it and answer any client questions. A copy was also in the treatment room. My esthetician, Rebekah, explained every step of the facial, as well as its benefits, and answered my questions. Elaine Sauer, corporate spa director for Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas, and her team, along with the B. Kamins team, did a tremendous job of making this treatment launch/book signing such a success.

The next time you plan to roll out a new service or product, or are hosting a special guest at your spa, try introducing it with a little well-planned blitz. What client of yours doesn’t love an excuse to come to your spa for an event, or for a little fun and pampering? It could be as simple as an open house featuring a door prize raffle, or as executed as a formal book signing with an author or question-and-answer session with a key industry leader. Topped with a little goodie bag containing samples of the new product or treatment, it’s sure to be an evening to remember. Many spas offer a free product and/or special discount for booking the new service during the party—what a great marketing idea!

So, hats off to Mario Tricoci’s North Michigan Avenue flagship and B. Kamins, Chemist for organizing such an interesting event. And much success to you as you plan your next spa event.

Until Next Time,
Melinda Taschetta-Millane
Editor in Chief 

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