Springtime Skin Detox Tips + FREE Treatment Guide


Healthy skin is beautiful skin. This spring take advantage of all the healthy skin benefits of detoxification in-treatment and at home with these helpful tips.

Detoxing Skin Seasonally:

You need to change it up! Start your skin detox journey by revitalizing your skin care routine through product rotation. As weather patterns change, some of the products you use should also adjust to keep skin balanced.

As springtime approaches and things begin to thaw, it’s an ideal time to encourage exfoliation. Exfoliation and skin detoxification go hand in hand, as cells are constantly absorbing and eliminating nutrients and toxins within your body. Lira Clinical’s Detox Deluxe Treatment is the perfect way to exfoliate and detoxify skin, revealing a bright and beautiful complexion.

Skin Detoxing Ingredients:

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Charcoal’s ability to absorb thousands of times its mass in impurities makes it helpful to naturally detoxify skin. This aids in topical pollution absorption preventing future damage. Purify and prep the skin before a treatment by incorporating Lira Clinical’s charcoal and clay-based ICE Refining Masque. Clients can also use this masque at home as an acne spot treatment or a weekly skin detoxer.    


This freshwater marine ingredient creates a natural pathway into the stratum corneum increasing product penetration, healthy stimulation and aiding in skin detoxification. Badiaga’s ability to increase cell metabolism for healthier cell turnover is unparalleled in the holistic skin care market. This ingredient is featured in Lira Clinical’s Green Power Peel and acts as a mechanical exfoliator and a natural alternative to device-assisted collagen induction therapy treatments.   


This exclusive ingredient combination is derived from eco-sustainable mastiha, a unique tree resin grown in the Mediterranean. MASQ-techTM is a powerful antioxidant, skin brightener and pore refiner that limits inflammation, inhibits melanogenesi, and encourages healthy cell proliferation. Lira Clinical has partnered with Chios mastiha growers in Greece to use the purest form of this super ingredient in their ultra-brightening MYSTIQ line and other products.

All three of these detox ingredients are featured in the Health & Harmony Spring Treatment Guide by Lira Clinical.  

Skin Detoxing Habits:

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Prevention and Protection:

Skin needs more than just sun protection in our technology-assisted lifestyles. Shield skin from UV blue light radiated from electronic devices as well as harmful UV rays with zinc-based SPF products like the ones in Lira Clinical’s SPF line. These products maintain skin health through a combination of antioxidant rich botanicals and innovative peptide technology.

Heal and Hydrate:

Though spring showers bring wetter weather that doesn’t mean we can discount hydration. Hydration and barrier restoration is key to reversing any winter damage. Safeguard skin by retaining natural hydration and utilizing hydrators that mimic skin’s natural moisturizing factor like a beauty or body oil.

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Lira Clinical’s Health & Harmony Spring Treatment Guide is the perfect spa inspiration. Natural beauty is refreshed and balanced through the beautiful duality of relaxation and energy. This guide offers a complete wellness inspired seasonal menu, treatment protocols, retail tips and more.  Download your copy here or request your free hard copy by contacting [email protected] or 877-440-5472.


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