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The winter season seems nice when you are able to sit inside by the fire and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. But the second you step out, your skin is shocked with harsh winds and brisk, bitter cold temperatures exposing deep facial redness and dehydration to the skin.

Are you experiencing peeling skin and dry, rough patches? That’s your skin telling you it needs some TLC! Look no further than to the NEW Environ Focus Care Youth+ Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Elixir.This “triple threat” acts as three products in one to effectively soothe and improve the look of your winter skin woes. Specially formulated with Měiritage™, a unique blend of Chinese root extracts and powerful peptides, the serum works to help improve the look of redness and discoloration, boost skin hydration, and firm and lift the appearance of lax skin.

With this lightweight, powerhouse serum, you can maintain a luminous and healthy-looking complexion straight into spring and summer. 

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Environ’s History:

  • Pioneer, for over 25 years, as the creator of products/treatments with skin-friendly forms of high-grade vitamins A, C, antioxidants, peptides and growth factors, backed by scientific and clinical research.
  • Maintains its own, dedicated, certified pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility staffed by over 200 dedicated employees (we make only Environ products in our factory)
  • The new, state-of-the art factory uses proprietary manufacturing systems, clean rooms, gowned production staff, nitrogen blanket, red light, positive pressure air systems and specialized water treatment processing to ensure every product is always at peak performance levels
  • You and your clients can experience the results-driven skin care line that is the secret to beautiful and healthy-looking skin.


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