4 Tips to Prepare for Unexpected Treatment Room Moments

Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit
Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit

The facials you perform every day follow a step-by-step format, but what happens in the treatment room can often go off track and off script. For example, what would you do if your client had negative sensations during your treatment?

Real life is unscripted; however, smart estheticians will take the necessary steps to ensure that they are always ready for unexpected, real-world situations. Following are four tips to prepare yourself for any situation.

1. Keep your eyes and ears open

Always be on the lookout for visual and audio clues that will help you determine when your client is experiencing a negative reaction. Look for the following. (Author's note: Always perform a SkinReading before every facial.)

  • Excessive redness/erythema
  • Hot sensations on the skin
  • Swelling/edema or welting
  • Itching that makes the client uncomfortable
  • Discomfort or burning/painful sensations

2. Keep an emergency skin sedation kit in every treatment room

Your treatment room is not complete without an emergency kit: an all-in-one preparedness kit for every facial in the event of a negative response or reaction. Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit contains a quick-mix mask that rapidly reduces irritation and negative sensations. It’s a must-have in every professional's tool kit.

This kit contains the products to create The Bioelements Emergency Soothing Mask--a fast-action mask you mix when a client experiences a feeling of burning, itching or irritation, or when you see any signs of redness.

You can also perform two more masks with Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit: The Bioelements Skin Sedation Mask, which allows you to shut down and neutralize acids after exfoliation and surface peeling; and the Bioelements Comedone Removal Prep Mask, which will ensure the skin is soft and pliable, making extractions easier.

3. Keep calm

When the unexpected happens, the most successful professionals know that it’s best to remain calm above all else. Ensuring your room is equipped with the right products will go a long way in giving you confidence. Remember, you are the boss of your room and, if you stay calm and in control, you’ll be able to address any problem with confidence and speed.

4. Keep your client happy

If a negative reaction occurs during a treatment, STOP what you are doing, assess the situation (if blisters or open lesions occur, refer the client to a dermatologist), and immediately remove the product with cool water and soft gauze or cotton. Do not use a towel. Apply an Emergency Soothing Mask to quickly alleviate the negative sensations, and finish with a protective serum, such as Bioelements Recovery Serum and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Make sure your client can contact you with questions, and follow up with her 12-24 hours later. Invite her for a follow-up soothing mask to continue the treatment.

You can learn more about The Bioelements Emergency Skin Soothing & Sedation Kit, which includes the Bioelements Emergency Skin Sedation treatment room technical guide, an easy-to-follow how-to chart with product info, step-by-steps, and symptoms, as well as the entire Bioelements professional skin care line when you sign up as a professional at www.Bioelements.com/pros. Watch Bioelements products and step-by-step treatments in action on our YouTube page. Chat with me and other Bioelements experts at www.facebook.com/bioelements, and don’t miss our blog at www.Bioelements.com/blog.


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