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Ask a client the question “How is your skin different today than it was 10 years ago?” and the answer will likely include the words “sagging,” “wrinkles,” “dull,” “rough,” “tired” … and the list goes on. Bioelements has developed two new retail solutions and two new pro-use-only concentrations that tackle the source of your clients’ biggest concerns: the breakdown of collagen and the loss of radiance.

Bioelements NEW Collagen RehabTMCollagen, Amino Acid + Mango Emulsion Mask

An ingenious fusion of collagen-supporting amino acids, softening mango and moisture-builders that rehabilitate aging, lined and exhausted skin. Amino acids help support collagen and elastin performance so lines appear filled, skin looks firmer and acts years younger. Plus, vitamin F and fatty acid-infused lipids mimic skin’s natural ability to maintain elasticity. The treatment saturates skin to create a discernable moisture barrier that lasts up to 72 hours. Wrinkle appearance improves and skin looks instantly renewed, dewy and firmer, and it can also be applied to lips as an intensive overnight treatment.

Formulated with:

  • Five plant collagen amino acids (rice extract, soy bean, carrot, quinoa and red ginseng) that deliver a complex of amino acids to feed skin’s collagen
  • Skin replacement lipids and fillers increase production of Collagen I by 179% and Collagen III (youth collagen) by 194%; increase elastin production by 190%; and increase firmness by 13 times and elasticity by 1.6 times in 15 days (ex vivo tests)
  • A 72-hour discernable moisture reservoir for a more than 50% improvement in smoothness and softness, and more than 50% reduction in flakiness after two weeks (in vivo tests)

Bioelements NEW Collagen Rehab® Pro Concentrate
An intensive collagen power treatment formulated with higher, clinical doses of the key active ingredients. Create a completely new service menu treatment—Bioelements Collagen Rehab Facial—with this new professional-use-only formula.

Bioelements NEW Radiance RescueTM  White Truffle, Caffeine + Murumuru Butter Crème Face and Eye Mask

A stimulating, instant-radiance treatment to rescue skin worn down by age, stress and lifestyle. Rare white truffle helps increase skin’s elasticity and moisturization as it helps reduce the look of lines and puffiness around the eyes. Caffeine wakes up your skin’s microcirculation and restores youthful resilience. Plus, murumuru and shea butters deliver fatty acid-rich moisture to keep skin soft and elastic while strengthening skin’s barrier. Emerge glowing, less lined, with an intensively enviable luminescence.

Formulated with:

  • White Truffle*: Increases skin’s elasticity by 35%; increases moisturization by 48%; reduces eye bag appearance by 14%; reduces wrinkles by 12.8%; creates a filler effect: increases skin thickness by +0.39 mm (*In vitro and in vivo tests)
  • Caffeine: Wakes up skin and increases microcirculation
  • Shea Butter, murumaru and cupuacu fruit: Protective and reparative hydrolipidic barrier butters improve softness and elasticity
  • Ginseng: Aids in barrier repair and helps prevent damage

Bioelements NEW Radiance RescueTM Pro Concentrate
An intensive radiance power treatment formulated with higher, clinical doses of the key active ingredients. Create a completely new service menu treatment—Bioelements Radiance Rescue Facial—with this new professional-use-only formula.

Learn more about these new collagen and radiance formulas and treatments at http://pro.bioelements.com/new-launches


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