Dermatude’s Meta-Ject FX50: The Non-Invasive Alternative to Face Lifts + FREE E-book


Meta Therapy is the acronym for Medical & Esthetical Tissue Activation therapy.

Meta Therapy is a new non-invasive, non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation, helping firm, hydrate and restore the skin’s natural glow. This type of treatment can be carried out by beauty specialists and presents an exclusive chance for you to offer the latest in skin enhancement in your spa or beauty institute that delivers a unique treatment with proven results. The Meta Therapy treatment can be performed on the entire face, neck, décolleté or specific areas using the Meta-Ject FX50 device.

Meta Therapy conditions the skin’s surface using its patented skin manipulation technique, which helps improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation.

By using Dermatude’s Meta-Ject FX50 device, you can easily and safely remove dead skin cells from the stratum corneum and condition the skin’s epithelium, helping to prepare it for Dermatude’s range of Subjectables and Aftercare. This process turns the skin’s complexion from dull and dry to bright, vibrant, and smooth. The treatment also involves Dermatude’s range of proprietary branded skincare and its Subjectables, which enables you to carry out very specific and targeted treatments that suit the skin type and purpose of the treatment. The cosmetic range is created to work in tandem with the effect of Meta-Ject FX50 device. In addition, the action of the specially designed polycarbonate modules massages the skin’s surface, which helps to stimulate local blood flow, providing a perfect medium to enhance the effect of Subjectables and Aftercare.

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The Meta-Ject FX50 is comprised of a digital controller that allows the user to regulate the speed of the polycarbonate modules, varying the degree of skin exfoliation and manipulation, and an ergonomically designed handpiece that contains a motor and attachable sterile polycarbonate module. The handpiece allows the operator to control the depth of exfoliation from mild to deep dependent upon the target area. The polycarbonate modules are designed to be single use and are supplied sterile. The modules move as the handpiece is passed over the skin, removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow through the resultant massage effect of the modules. The modules contain a safety membrane to prevent skin cells and detritus from passing from the module into the hand attachment, causing possible cross-contamination. All polycarbonate modules come with Flex head technology, allowing the module to safely adjust itself to the skin’s surface for even exfoliation.

With Flex head technology and a range of polycarbonate modules, Meta Therapy gives you the tools to tackle skin ageing problems for all your clients, whatever their concerns.



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