The Renaissance Exfoliating Glove – perfect for your clients’ skin care routine


Daily exfoliation should be part of our customer’s skin care routine. Exfoliating has many benefits and should be regarded as the best way to:  

  • Help serums and creams penetrate the skin more easily
  • Deeply cleanse the skin and restore its natural glow
  • Prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead cells
  • Oxygenate the skin and activate the blood microcirculation
  • Promote a long-lasting and even tan

Resistant, antibacterial, and vegan, the Renaissance glove consists of natural cellulose fiber extracted from Eucalyptus and Spruce, woven into microscopic loops to preserve the skin.

It is endorsed by dermatologists and beauty professionals internationally and is used by prestigious spas for deep exfoliation treatments.

Introduce your clients to the essential practice of daily body exfoliation to promote healthy, radiant skin all year round.

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