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DermaMed Solutions LLC

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DermaMed Solutions helps spa owners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skin care and medical professionals expand their practices to include additional services. Founded in 1998, the inspiration came when an esthetician suggested a quieter microdermabrasion machine be developed. The result was MegaPeel.

In 2011, Mark Pinsley and Ginger Hodulik assumed leadership of DermaMed Solutions. Mark and Ginger are building upon the foundation by expanding the product line and introducing science-based skin care regimens for targeted treatment of various skin types and conditions as well as innovative new skin care devices. As a result, DermaMed Solutions will enable a holistic, customized approach to creating healthy, beautiful skin that incorporates:

  • Aesthetic equipment
  • Professional skin care products
  • Wellness regimens and protocols (e.g. dietary and lifestyle recommendations and supplements)


Products from DermaMed Solutions LLC

DermaMed Solutions' CBDetox Charcoal Mask and Ageless CBD Lotion & Serum

CBDetox Charcoal Mask and Ageless CBD Lotion & Serum combine these products to provide the skin with detoxifying and anti-aging benefits. 

DermaMed's Oxygen Serum

Oxygen Serum works to firm and lift the skin while improving elasticity and trapping moisture into the dermis for a youthful complexion. 

DermaMed Solutions' CBDetox Charcoal Mask

CBDetox Charcoal Mask uses the powerful benefits of CBD to fight against inflammation while keeping skin hydrated and calm. 

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