Balance the Skin’s microbiome with topical Pre & Probiotics –Free Sample (while supplies last)


Resurface and regenerate skin with DermaMed Solutions’ vitA-clear™ serum. This renewed formula includes new prebiotics as well as probiotics and 2% vitamin A for clear, smooth skin.  vitA-clear™ supports three essential elements of skin health: cell turnover, bacterial balance and oil production.

Over the past several years, research has shown that the application of topical probiotics can help keep the bad microbes in check and improve skin conditions like acne. Our formulation includes beneficial microorganisms and their nutrients to strengthen and nourish our skin’s microbiome. This is especially important following clinical facial treatments. Often treatments remove all of our natural protection mechanisms including the lipid barrier and healthy bacteria. Replenishing our flora restores balance and produces advanced results.

A healthy bacterial support system paired with regulated oil management and cell turnover yields bright, youthful and refined skin.

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