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DermaMed Solutions™ is proud to present a new and game-changing facial treatment. Introducing dmGlow™, a renewing and rejuvenating treatment that combines facial cup vacuum massage, mechanical exfoliation, advanced chemical peels and botanical skin care to produce a fresh, radiant glow for everyone. dmGlow™ incorporates three essential elements into the holistic treatment:

  • Vacuum assisted lymphatic massage to oxygenate and detoxify the skin
  • Dual exfoliation to bring new cells to the surface
  • Botanical skin care to add vitality

dmGlow’s chemical exfoliation is performed using the dmSkincare™ mandelic combo peel 30% (2.2 pH). Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) with a large molecule size, which allows it to penetrate the skin more slowly and comfortably. This makes it a great choice for all Fitzpatrick skin types. The mandelic combo peel benefits all skin conditions especially acneic, pigmented and aging skin.

Mechanical exfoliation and vacuum massage by MegaPeel physically remove remaining dead cells revealing fresh, radiant skin. The combination of vacuum and exfoliation further stimulates the increased circulation and collagen production activated during the facial cup massage portion of dmGlow™.

Once the lymphatic massage and dual exfoliation is complete the skin is beautifully prepared to receive and efficiently process targeted nutrients. dmSkincare™ is a comprehensive line of botanically-based skin care products with proven effective active ingredients. dmSkincare products were expertly chosen to support and enhance the benefits of each element of dmGlow™. These clean and clinical products help to reduce inflammation while providing nutrients to nourish skin and renew vitality.

Why dmGlow™?

  • Provides a supreme facial experience
  • Beneficial for all ages, complexions & concerns
  • Consistent & visible results
  • Immediate client satisfaction
  • Mechanically extracts comedones without side effects        
  • Customizable & compatible with many procedures

dmGlow™ provides unparalleled results for all skin types and skin conditions by focusing on three essential elements of facial treatments: lymphatic massage, exfoliation and botanical skin care. Your clients will instantly fall in love with their skin after receiving this breakthrough facial treatment. Get the glow!

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