Topical vs. Oral CBD


A few years ago, not many of us were well versed in the world of hemp and cannabis. Now, CBD is basically a household name found in almost every store. Grocery stores, gas stations, spas, mall kiosks and physician’s practices have joined medical cannabis dispensaries, all reserving shelf space for in-demand cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Adding cannabidiol to retail products offerings, professional treatments and personal wellness routines can enhance your revenue, results and health. Bioavailability of CBD, onset time and duration, dosage and patient’s needs and comfort are essential to consider when selecting products.

Endocannabinoid System

Although many are familiar with the term CBD, the general public and even seasoned practitioners require more education and understanding of this versatile cannabinoid and its interaction with our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is present in humans and animals to maintain homeostasis, or a balance of stable physiological conditions that allow organisms to operate efficiently. Commonly explained using the term “the goldilocks zone,” homeostasis is explained well using body temperature as an example. Humans operate efficiently with a body temperature of approximately 98.6 degrees. We are at risk of illness with sometimes fatal consequences if our body temperature rises or drops too far from this range. Homeostasis maintains conditions required for survival by way of the ECS. This is one reason the ECS is becoming known as the most important biological system.

Consisting of receptors, enzymes and endocannabinoids, our internal cannabinoid system impacts functions like immune response, appetite, mood and sleep.

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Kelly Conlan is the marketing and communications manager for DermaMed Solutions. She first joined the company in 2007.

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