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Couleur Caramel CERTIFIED Organic Makeup from France


Everybody wants to look good, feel good and be healthy. As a highly certified organic makeup brand composed of high performance pigments - you no longer need to choose between a long lasting or healthy cosmetic… Couleur Caramel is both! We are the fruit of a dream to change the world by allowing everyone to become proactive and responsible for their consumption – to have environmental respect, respect for customers, respect for animals and respect for quality. Our products are Eco Cert, CosmeBio Cosmos Organic, Qualite France, cruelty-free, 100% natural, mineral-based and vegan, which validates our core values. We are healthy for the skin and good for our planet… clean and green! 

We offer a unique an exclusive retail display and special introductory offer featuring a small SKU range and a strong Salon Partnership!  We are proud to sponsor Oncology Spa Solutions, GreenSpa Network, official partner to Miss France and Dancing With The Stars France.

Products from Couleur Caramel CERTIFIED Organic Makeup from France

Couleur Caramel's Illuminating Body Gel

Illuminating Body Oil provides a subtle glow to the skin while also hydrating and nourishing it through the use of argan oil. 

Couleur Caramel Natural Organic Makeup from France - Welcome to the healthy revolution!

Couleur Caramel is safe, nontoxic, high-performance, organic makeup #1 to professionals in France since 2003 and positively influencing today and tomorrows world.

Couleur Caramels' Organic High Performance Makeup

Couleur Caramel Organic High Performance Makeup provides flawless-looking skin for any bride through a range of all-natural makeup products.