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Break Through Skin Barrier Concerns at Face & Body Midwest

Ingredients, products and lifestyle changes are making strides in treating a compromised skin barrier. Learn about these and more at Skin Inc.'s Face & Body Midwest spa expo and conference.

When Pollution and Sensitive Skin Meet

Concerns over air pollution's impact on the skin are on the rise. Research in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that skin care formulated with the goal of fighting pollution can make an impact on skin health.

Skin Pigment Genetics is More Complex at the Equator

New research published in Cell presents genetic findings related to skin pigment diversity and complexity, further supporting the trend for customizable skin care.

Hot and Bothered: Treating Reactive Skin

Reactive skin is an esthetician-coined term that describes skin that shows different types of reactions easily when exposed to certain products, ingredients, treatments or environmental factors.

Ethnicity and Skin Cancer Risk

Skin cancer is colorblind. All ethnicities should take precautionary measures when exposing their skin to UV rays, according to IMPACT Melanoma contributing writer, Chris Hislop.

When Water is Hard on Eczema

Hard water contains minerals that are tough on the skin, especially those predisposed toward atopic dermatitis. Recent research in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology looked into how hard water affects the skin barrier.

Let’s Get Frank About Frankincense

With a range of skin and health benefits, frankincense can be incorporated into spa treatments to add a dose of wellness.

How to ‘Trick’ Melanoma Into Treatment

An effective checkpoint inhibitor treatment for melanoma may be on its way—researchers are investigating lines of treatment for the cancer for patients missing critical gene mutations.

Comparatively Speaking: Inflammation vs. Allergy

Is it sensitive skin? Or is it really normal skin undergoing a typical inflammatory response? Where do allergic reactions fit in? In this edition of "Comparatively Speaking," Nava Dayan, Ph.D., explains.

Jar Deconstructed: Turmeric

Many in the culinary world are familiar with turmeric’s benefits when ingested orally, however, this ingredient goes above and beyond to improve skin.

Fat-Burning Treatments Turn to Microneedles

A novel microneedle skin patch offers a noninvasive alternative to liposuction, according to Columbia University and University of North Carolina researchers. The patch has the potential to treat obesity and diabetes while boosting metabolism.

[video] When Acne Goes Beyond Skin

Acne can sometimes indicate underlying health issues. Ayyaz Shah, D.O., caught up with Skin Inc. on what to look for when treating acne and how estheticians can help clients' overall health.

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