On Earth Day, Dr. Murad Encourages Saving the Planet by Eating Your Water


Howard Murad, MD, associate clinical professor of medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad, Inc., is encouraging all to live a more eco-friendly life by discouraging water bottle use and encouraging everyone to eat their water.

According to a report released by the California Department of Conservation in 2009, billions of empty water bottles are causing serious environmental problems, with more than one billion water bottles winding up in the trash annually in California alone. Instead of seeking hydration from plastic bottles, Murad suggests eating foods that are rich in structured water, such as raw fruits and vegetables, that not only help the body hold on to water longer, but provide the added boost of important antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients. By sticking to a water-rich food diet, one will actually end up eating most of the water they need each day to stay hydrated, while helping the environment in return.

“As the world continues to evolve, so must our philosophies and ways of living. A focus on protecting the earth must include examining the way we drink and eat,” says Murad. “The simple act of putting down a bottle of water and picking up an apple or bunch of grapes will lead to a healthier sense of self and a healthier planet.”

As water bottles fill landfill space, increase air pollution and further destroy the ozone layer, Murad suggests everyone take steps to improve hydration and general health of the entire body by tending to the health of cells. The Science of Cellular Water looks at the ability of cell membranes to hold water as the fundamental marker of youthful good health. Murad has conducted extensive scientific studies confirming that cellular health can be promoted and protected internally, externally and by managing stress. (more)

When cell health is optimized, cells use water more efficiently and the body’s systems function better overall. And there is no scientific evidence to prove the common notion that eight, eight-ounce bottles of water per day are essential to maintaining an optimal level of hydration. Eating your water will not only increase cellular hydration but decrease your carbon footprint.

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