Lashe Eyelash Extension Fans Exacts a Natural Lash from Base to Tip

Pre Made Fan Extensions 2

The Lashe Eyelash Extension Fans are manufactured of premium quality materials set in a unique blend for a dramatically improved look, weight and feel. The extensions are made of synthetic fiber specially designed to exact a natural lash from base to tip. It is soft, flexible and lightweight like a faux mink lash with curls that won't relax due to water, steam, heat or sweat.  

The extensions utilize machine cuts for accuracy with stringent quality control that are consistent in color to keep their luster for the entire life of their wear. Durable with rich black color like a silk lash for a perfect blend of matte and gloss without the plastic appearance.

For best results, use 45° volume tweezers. Each tray comes with 6D - 240 fans or 8D - 240 fans.

Directions for Use:

  1. Dispense a small drop of adhesive on a flat, non-porous surface. You will need to re-drop a small drop every 15 to 20 minutes or so.
  2. Flip the tweezers so that the stem of the tweezers points away from you and the nippers are closest to you.
  3. Grab the fan at its strands, approximately 3 mm from the stem of the fan and lift. Catch as many strands as your tweezer allows.
  4. Coat the entire stem of the fan with adhesive. Enter by holding the fan at a ninety degree angle to the adhesive drop, then out in the same direction. At this point you should have a bead of adhesive at the end of the stem no larger than twice the thickness of the extension at the base.
  5. Place the stem of the fan on the natural lash 1mm away from the lash line, push down and back, orientate and release. Make sure there is a seamless connection between the fan stem and natural lash with no air pockets.

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