LED Light Eyelash Extension System Levels Up Lash Services

Luxury Lash's LED Light Eyelash Extension System

Luxury Lash's LED Light Eyelash Extension System utilizes cutting edge LED technology. The brand's adhesive ensures lasting and lightweight results in lashing appointments. 

The Luxury Lash LED Device has been developed based on the ergonomics of a lash technician's work. The device does not burden the hand and fits with every lash tweezer. The working time of the LED DEVICE is 10,000 hours. 

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Key Benefits

  • Glue cures in five seconds
  • Low level odor and vapors
  • Designed to not irritate sensitive eyes
  • Eyelashes wont stick together
  • Fits all tweezers in the markets
  • Temperature and humidity levels will not be a concern anymore

The glue cures in five seconds with LUXURY LASH PRO DEVICE. A thin layer of glue ensures fast and maximum adhesion and a non-sticky result. Speed and accuracy increases significantly. Developed by scientists and engineers using the latest technology.

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