Selling Makeup in Your Retail Space

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While most people may not go to the spa in search of makeup, that's not to say it's a bad idea to stock your shelves with some good brands and products. Your retail area is a great place to promote makeup and educate your clients on makeup that is great for their skin. 

We asked to hear from you on your thoughts about selling makeup in your retail space, and you answered! Our weekly poll revealed that 15% of our readers already sell makeup in their studio, and 47% do not sell makeup. The poll also revealed that 38% of our respondents are interested in selling makeup. 

Based off the results above, we can see that solo esties and spa locations are interested in selling makeup in their retail offerings, but might not know where to start. To make the process a bit easier, we have linked a few articles with helpful information. 

  1. Makeup Techniques that Sell
  2. Finding The Best Makeup Tools
  3. Makeup Based on Skin Types
  4. Makeup Bag Rejuvenation
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