5 New Nail Launches to Jumpstart Your Spring

Up your client's nail game with these new spring/summer nail launches.
Up your client's nail game with these new spring/summer nail launches.
Image from Goffkein via Adobe Stock

Spring is here, and summer is quickly approaching, which means a new wave of nail polish collections are hitting the market. To match the latest trends, many brands are deviating away from traditional pastels, instead opting for bright colors with sparkle and shine that make nails pop! Now is the time to experiment and have fun with your client's nail looks, with maximalism being all the rage. Get colorful and get zany with these five new nail launches to jumpstart your spring/summer season. 

The GelBottle's Wedding Collection 

The GelBottle's Wedding CollectionThe GelBottle's Wedding CollectionCourtesy of The GelBottle

Say I do to The GelBottle's new Wedding Collection. Departing from the traditional nude and neutral bridal colors, the shades in the collection include romantic shimmers and metallic flecks to add a whimsical touch to your client's nail look. 

The collection features the following six polishes: 

  • Bouquet: a milky base with rose gold flecks 
  • Something Blue: a milky base with metallic blue flecks 
  • Veil: creamy white shimmer 
  • I Do: soft peach with a gold shimmer 
  • Ever After: iridescent lilac shimmer 
  • Meant to Be: green pastel with green and silver shimmer

“As people are getting more playful with their nails, wedding looks are no different. This wedding season I’m expecting bonus chic details like a chrome French tip, a bit of sparkle and colors beyond neutrals," shares Daisy Kalnina, The GelBottle Founder and CEO. "My favorite shade from our new Wedding Collection is Bouquet, which has a milky base with rose gold flecks throughout. It gives you that extra design element in the polish. I’m also loving I Do, the perfect soft lilac with an iridescent Shimmer."

Madam Glam Nail Art Ink 

Madam Glam Nail Art InkMadam Glam Nail Art InkCourtesy of Madam Glam

A simple way to up your client's nail game is with nail art! Whether you want to create blooming flowers, dazzling rainbows, shimmering stars or any other abstract masterpieces, Madam Glam's 10 nail art inks are the perfect way to indulge in nail artistry. 

The colors in the collection coral, blue, green, black, pink, purple, white, yellow, red and orange — a rainbow of colors that allow plenty of options for creativity. 

The nail art inks are made to be air-dried, and dry in about 60 seconds. The inks can be applied over regular polishes and mixed with 3D nail art gels. 

JINsoon Glazed Glass Collection: Pastel Dreams

JinSOON Glazed Glass Collection: Pastel DreamsJinSOON Glazed Glass Collection: Pastel DreamsCourtesy of JinSOON

From glass-like skin to glowing hair, shiny and jelly looks are sweeping the beauty industry, so of course your clients are going to want glassy, glazed nails to match. Nail trends like glazed donut nails and jelly nails (inspired by Y2K jellies) are making a rampant comeback, and celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi has taken notice with her new Summer 2024 collection.

Inspired by the delicate beauty of translucent, pastel-colored glassware, part two of the Glazed Glass collection includes three jelly-like polishes with with light-weight textures that can be layered or worn alone. 

  • Bliss: light violet blue
  • Whimsy: soft, wispy violet
  • Charm: light pastel green tinged with the hint of mint

"The Glazed Glass Series is a delightful way to add a touch of artistry to your nails, embodying the beauty of colored glasses while providing a versatile and user-friendly way to showcare individual style," shares Jin Soon Choi. 

Lecenté Iced Donut Chrome Powder

Lecenté Iced Donut Chrome PowderLecenté Iced Donut Chrome PowderCourtesy of Lecenté

Glazed donut nails has been a recent trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. For clients that want a sleek, glassy look, chrome is the way to go! 

That's why Lecenté has released their new Iced Donut Chrome Powder just in time for the summer season. For techs who want to get creative and experimental with the trend, this versatile powder can be mixed into a top coat, dusted over a matte top coat, pressed on to a cured layer of gel polish or used as a chrome over a dry finish top coat. 

Dazzle Dry Under the Stars Collection 

Dazzle Dry Under the Stars CollectionDazzle Dry Under the Stars CollectionCourtesy of Dazzle Dry

One of the best parts of summer is getting sun for longer but also enjoying gorgeous sunsets and twinkling night skies when they arrive. 

For nails to match a perfect summer night, Dazzle Dry released three celestial-inspired nail lacquers in its new collection Under the Stars that will leave your clients nails shining bright all summer long: 

  • Milky Way: An iridescent seashell pink
  • Shooting Star: a warm silver glitter 
  • Blue Moon: A mute slate blue-gray with shimmer 
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