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Face & Body Midwest 2016: Practical Application of Spa Education

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Facial treatment at Face & Body Midwest

There is no esthetic education quite like that offered at Face & Body. For many years, the Face & Body Advanced Education Conference Program brought attendees the latest in treatments, science and business, with an extra side of practical application to help you do your job better and benefit your business. This year is no different, as Face & Body Midwest, set to take place on Mar. 12–14, 2016, in Chicago, is featuring an Advanced Education Program that offers the latest research, treatments, business practices and scientific knowledge that this industry has to offer.


The program will kick off with a fundamental knowledge panel on ingredients and formulation technology. Sitting on the panel are four expert formulation chemists—Kelly Dobos, Perry Romanowski, Tom Lehman and Gina Cosby—who will lead attendees through the sometimes perplexing maze of ingredients and formulations. They will discuss how a product is made, introduce upcoming ingredient technology and outline the different types of ingredients that make up a product. The panel will be moderated by yours truly and none other than the cosmetic evangelist Rebecca Gadberry.

After the panel, the program will be broken up into four tracks—wellness, science, business summit and treatments. Each track will feature a myriad of expert speakers, and both Illinois and Ohio* estheticians will have the opportunity to earn continuing education units to put toward their license. Attendees can attend an entire track or bounce around between the tracks and attend the classes that most relate to their job. However, the entire class must be attended to earn the credit.



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More and more spas today are adding wellness offerings to their menus, be they incorporated into treatments or technology installations. The wellness track will feature a presentation on stimulating blood flow with meridian massage to lift the facial contours and improve tone and radiancy. This class, taught by Janel Luu of Le Mieux and Pure Erb, will describe the techniques of meridian massage and discuss how it can be added to many facial offerings. Kim Manley of KM Herbals will delve into essential oils, noting how to identify quality essential oils and detailing how they can be added simply and effectively to treatments. Ann Brown of Spa Shiki will describe the skin benefits of a detox wrap with Himalayan salt while walking attendees through the process. Naturopathic doctor Erin Madigan-Fleck leads a discussion on how the consumption of protein can affect the skin and the whole body. Finally, Becky Kuehn of Oncology Spa Solutions will talk to attendees about how to treat the client that doesn’t feel “whole.”



There are always new advancements in science and technology, and we are excited about the ones we are bringing to you at Face & Body Midwest 2016. Michael Pugliese of Circadia will discuss the causes of hyperpigmentation and detail the latest ingredients shown to help reduce brown spots. Regulatory expert Farah Ahmed of the Personal Care Products Council will delve into sun care, describing how sun care products work and discussing the current regulation of sunscreens. Katerina Steventon of FaceWorshops will review research that supports the skin benefits of facial massage while she details the process of the beneficial treatment. Rebecca Gadberry is covering the hot topic of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), defining what they are and exploring whether they are as bad as they are made out to be. Finally, acne expert Mark Lees of Mark Lees Skin Care will help attendees become acne detectives to correctly diagnose and treat problem skin conditions.



A great spa may use the greatest products in the world, but these products need unique, effective treatments to truly succeed. Ever heard of #multimasking? You undoubtedly have if you are active on Pinterest or Instagram. This technique has been practiced by estheticians for decades, but the name is trending with consumers. Capitalize on the trend by incorporating #multimasking into your spa with the help of licensed esthetician and educator Susanne Schmaling. Waxing sure has come a long way since its inception. Join Deanna Derthick of Depliève as she leads attendees on the evolution of waxing, noting the latest in waxing technology and treatments. There are a host of new skin care devices out there, but incorporating them into effective treatments can be difficult. Terri Wojak of True U will discuss how the latest devices can be used with known skin care treatments for the best efficacy. New to Face & Body, Jaclyn Peresetsky of Skin Perfect Spa will introduce her method of color analysis to pick the right makeup shades for a client and boost a spa’s bottom line. Tiffany McLauchlin of Lira Clinical will round out the presentations with a discussion on “teching up” spa treatments for Generations X and Y.

Business Summit

Good customer service and effective marketing are at the heart of every successful spa. Alexis Ufland of Lexi Design will present attendees with the steps needed to create a powerful spa brand, one that will be recognized by clients in your area. Deedee Crossett of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology will help spa owners lead their team to customer service success, offering tips to better interaction with clients. Lauren Snow with Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) will tackle the price war, addressing how every spa can successfully price their treatments and get new clients without discounting their services. Trends will be covered in two capacities in the business track. Fabienne Lindholm of Beauty Ateliers will present on how to create a menu that incorporates the latest spa trends, and Annet King of Dermalogica will describe the latest spa trends and discuss how the esthetician and spa owner can stay on top of these trends.

During the Advanced Education Program, a luncheon is graciously sponsored by PCA SKIN. Advanced Education Conference participants are encouraged to attend the luncheon to learn about PCA SKIN’s advanced skin care technologies while networking with other attendees.

To learn more about the Advanced Education Conference Program or any of the other exciting offerings at Face & Body Midwest 2016, visit Register for the Advanced Education Conference Program by Mar. 12, 2016, for the early bird discount. I can’t wait to learn with you!

*Ohio esthetic CEUs pending approval on limited track selections.



Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

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