Oxygenation of the Skin: Power Lift!

Apr 18th, 2015
Apr 18th, 2015
Des Plaines, IL USA

As we age, the pre-mature signs of aging catch up with some quicker than others. With the aging process capillaries break down, which results in less blood flow and less oxygen delivered into the skin. This eventually will lead to declined collagen production, more fine lines, dehydration, wrinkles and even age spots. Not to mention poor absorption of nutrients! Understanding why we should care about skin oxygenation, and how to elevate the tissue-oxygen level is what you’ll be learning in this class. This is one class you don’t want to miss! You will learn: Advanced Skin Physiology Power of oxygenation Power of peptides Power of stem-cell technology Power of antioxidants Demo of the treatment will be shown