Sorella Apothecary Launches Peel Pads

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Introducing brand-new Peel Pads by Sorella Apothecary. Ready, set, exfoliate – these pads make exfoliation a breeze. No need to compromise your routine when you’re on the go or just don’t have the time for your full regimen. There are two different sets of peel pads, Vitamin C & Ferulic and Mandelic & Willow Bark. Each set comes with a Mineral Conditioning Treatment which contains our Tri-Mineral Complex, an expertly formulated blend of Zinc, Copper and Sodium PCA that leaves skin feeling nourished and glowing. 

Vitamin C & Ferulic Peel Pads

Glow on the go with this no-fuss exfoliating treatment.

Powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and ferulic acid team up to help support a more vibrant glow. When paired with our blend of resurfacing acids, there is a full-circle approach to help with the appearance of fine lines and improved skin texture.

Mandelic & Willow Bark Peel Pads

Say goodbye to dark spots and skin impurities in just two swipes.

Mandelic and willow bark work together on acne-prone skin to help balance oil production. Ultra-restoring minerals copper and zinc leave a smooth and bright complexion.        


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