5 Self-Care Rituals Clients Are Seeking

Clients are turning to more primitive exercises focused on mobility and comfort.
Clients are turning to more primitive exercises focused on mobility and comfort.

Pinterest has released a report that analyzes search data on the platform to forecast what is catching consumer attention. Here are five spa and wellness trends identified in Pinterest's report that your clients will be looking for this year.

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1. Skinification

Skinification is a term used to describe giving the head and scalp the same level of attention that guests usually give to their faces. Searches on Pinterest for "clean scalp" and "scalp massage techniques" both increased by 55% during the analysis period, and the terms were trendy among Gen X and boomers. Searches for "scalp treatment for dry scalp" increased by 70%, while searches for "natural hair mask for growth" increased by 80% and "clean scalp build up" increased by 45%, per the report.


2. Shower Upgrades

Pinterest predicts that Gen X and Boomers will be elevating their shower routine by upgrading their setups and incorporating shower bombs, which increased in searches by 90% from 2020 to 2022. "Shower routine aesthetic" and "amazing showers walk-in" searches increased by 460% and 395%, respectively. The idea of renovating bathrooms will be a hot topic for clients, with "home spa bathroom" (190% increase) and "doorless shower ideas" (110% increase) both large jumps in searches over the last two years.

3. Primitive Exercises

Anti-tech workouts that are more primitive in nature are expected to gain popularity as more clients are looking to put down their phones and prioritize posture. The trend is being driven by Gen X and millennials, and the trending workouts seem to be focused on mobility and comfort, with searches for "mobility stretches" increased by 140% during the analysis period. "Neck hump exercises" increased by 210%, "knee mobility exercises" increased by 135% and "hip mobility exercises" increased by 100%, per the report.

4. Talk Therapy Alternatives

Alternatives or additions to traditional talk therapy are seeing an increase in activity on Pinterest, like "journal writing prompts therapy" (220% increase) and music therapy (30% increase). Gen Z and millennials are driving this trend as they find new ways to work on themselves. "Writing therapy," which increased by 1840% from 2020 to 2022, and "art journal therapy," which increased by 3755%, both received massive jumps in searches, showing that clients are looking for new ways to work on mindfulness and self-care.

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5. Sea Superfoods

Clients are looking for superfoods in the sea, with many ocean-based foods increasing in searches among millennials and Gen X. "Nori recipes" and "green algae" both increased by 60% and "seaweed snacks recipes" and "salmon bowl" both increased by 245%, showing that clients are branching out to find new healthy recipes. Chlorophyll water, a popular supplement for its supposed health benefits, increased in searches by 35% on Pinterest from 2020 to 2022.

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