CA Coalition & Assembly Pulls Master Esthetic Bill From Further Consideration

A letter from the CA Coalition for Advanced Skincare & Education member Lynelle Lynch:

The Coalition for Advanced Skin Care and Education was formed to create a master esthetic license and update the scope of practice to keep pace with the evolving skin care industry. Our vision was to create a pathway for individuals entering the industry, as well as an opportunity for appropriately qualified licensed professionals to obtain the Master Esthetic description. 

The Coalition over the past year has worked in collaboration with a variety of industry associations, publications, professionals and the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to create language that would fulfill our mission. 

The bill has been amended numerous times as both the Assembly and Senate shared their perspective on legislative language that would align with the state's goals. Unfortunately many of the critical aspects of the mission of the Coalition have been removed from the bill. 

Specifically, the bill has changed the recognition of a license to a certificate without an expanded scope of practice. Further, bill changes eliminated a pathway for current practitioners to secure a master esthetician title solely by passing a designated examination without going back to school for an additional 600 education hours. 

Based upon these recent amendments to the bill and challenges of getting this version signed by the Governor, the Coalition in collaboration with Assembly member Susan Eggman, the author of the bill, has opted to pull the bill from further consideration this year. 

The Coalition continues to recognize the need to advance education in skin care and for scope of practice clarification. We look forward to working with the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, Eggman and our partners in the industry as we pursue our goals. Whether we pursue another bill or changes in the Sunset Review process, we are committed to this effort. 

In reflection, this past year we have elevated the conversation and engaged a large audience on the need for advanced esthetic education. We look forward to building on this momentum next year. 

Thank you for your support, guidance and assistance over the past year. On behalf of the Coalition, we look forward to continuing the process to advance educational excellence in esthetics for all California estheticians. 

Lynelle Lynch
Member of the Coalition for Advanced Skin Care and Education
[email protected]



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