New Jersey Backs Down; Brazilians OK

UPDATE: New Jersey has decided to back down in its attempt to ban Brazilian waxing in the state after two consumers were hospitalized with infections after having the procedure. Consumer affairs director David Szuchman said he wouldn't support the ban.

Feuza Reis, business development and marketing director of Jaira’s Salon in South Amboy, New Jersey, is taking action. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling recently voted against changing the current regulations and rules regarding waxing in the genital area know as Brazilian waxing. For her mother’s two salons, this will continue to be an economic loss, as well as for more than 3,000 spa owners in the state. Also, it is a revenue loss for the state of New Jersey, not to mention the moral issue of women’s choice to have the spa service they choose. Supporters that want a change in this legislation can go to to download a form letter written by Association of Salon and Spa Professionals (ASSP), sign it and mail or fax to New Jersey Attorney General’s office.

Reis is now forging ahead with the help of the ASSP with a full grass roots and publicity campaign to provide the factual information regarding the rules and regulations that govern the cosmetology service of hair removal by waxing, and the legal and socioeconomic implications of the proposed language for the proposed revisions to rules and regulations that govern the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

The letter in short states: "We believe that the proposed new language associated with this issue unfairly intrudes upon the right of the business owners, which we represent, to conduct their business in a manner which allows them to keep pace with the industry trends and consumers needs. Further, we believe that the general public has a right to obtain a reasonable, contemporary, service which is already being legally provided in other states in this country.

"We believe that there is an overwhelming adverse perception of what this service provides and an underwhelming amount of factual information about what this service is actually about.

"Overturning this decision would make a significant economic impact not only to the local and spas and for the State of New Jersey. Brazilian waxes are a contemporary service requested by many clients, and that additional revenue would represent a sales tax revenue increase to the state of New Jersey"

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